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As larger rivers continue to suffer from overcrowding, more anglers are seeking refuge by opting to explore smaller water. While the fish are generally eager to rise to a well-presented dry fly, creek fishing offers unique challenges. The standard 9ft 5wt trout rod is too long, bulky, and overpowering for most small stream situations. G. Loomis designed the IMX-Pro Creek specifically to meet the challenges creek anglers face. If you are interested in purchasing a new rod specifically for fishing small streams, you will want to read on.


G. Loomis IMX-Pro Creek 7’9” 3wt Fly Rod

Scientific Anglers Double Taper Fly Line

Fit & Finish

The IMX-Pro Creek shares a noticeable resemblance with the rest of the IMX-Pro series, albeit scaled down in size. Standout features include a matte-aluminum uplocking reel seat, a solid wood insert, and chrome stripping guides. A slimmed-down modified half-wells grip, with better-than-average cork, complements the shorter rod nicely.


The IMX-Pro Creek packs a pretty serious punch. This makes it the perfect rod for fishing the edges of meadow streams with terrestrial patterns. The IMX-Pro Creek's powerful nature means it will handle windy conditions better than most small stream rods. The downside is it is not going to offer as gentle of a presentation as softer glass rods.


The IMX-Pro Creek is quite fast for a three-weight creek rod. The stiffer blank allows the angler to zip accurate casts off the tip of the rod. However, those accustomed to fishing slower glass rods will find it overpowers the smallest fish in the river. The rod needs a slightly heavier line such as the Rio Gold or Scientific Anglers Amplitude Creek Trout to help load the rod at shorter distances. 




At $525, the IMX-Pro Creek offers excellent value to the fly fisher looking for a dedicated small stream rod to add to their quiver. The rod is well-built in the U.S. and fits in nicely with the rest of the IMX-Pro series. Anglers accustomed to fishing fast graphite rods will enjoy the rod's quick nature. Although the rod lacks the soulful touch of fiberglass rods, it does offer a hint of more versatility, power, and accuracy than the average creek rod. The IMX-Pro Creek continues the G. Loomis tradition of designing purpose-driven rods accessible to the average angler.

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  • Built-in the U.S. with quality components
  • Exceptional power and accuracy for a small stream rod
  • A hint of more versatility than fiberglass


  • It lacks the fun factor of glass rods
  • Stiff blank means it is slightly line sensitive