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Fenwick has built a MASSIVE new entry-level fly rod series with nearly thirty rod models in total. The Fenlite series has Saltwater rod models, freshwater rod models, nymph-specific rod models, and much more. If there's a fish you can target around the world, chances are there's a rod model in this series that'll help you catch it.

The common thread used to build this series is Fenwick's Powerlux 1000 blank resin that makes these rods roughly 30% stronger than a standard carbon fly rod. This tech means the 5wt rod is insanely powerful and highly accurate at all distances. This is a great rod for the intermediate angler who prefers accuracy over finesse. Read on to find out what else we're excited about in this new rod from Fenwick.


Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex 9' 5wt Fly Rod
Lamson Liquid Fly Reel
RIO InTouch Perception Fly Line
Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

Fit & Finish

This is a lower mid-priced rod series so the componentry isn't the best on the market. That being said, Fenwick designed these rods to be functional instead of stylish. The rod blanks feature Fenwick's high modulus 3M Powerlux 1000 technology which is stronger and more durable than a typical carbon rod. These rods also have gunsmoke stripping guides, single foot snake guides, a burled wood insert with double uplocking components, and a hard-partitioned rod tube.


This isn't a lightweight rod by any means. The rod's overall weight is 3.28 ounces and its swing weight is 67 gm2. This rod is similar in measurables to the Recon 2 5wt which is also a bit heavy for our liking. If that doesn't matter to you, you'll find that this rod has a lot to be excited about. But the swing weight and the rod's overall weight is apparent when casting it and could be a deterrent for some anglers.


This is where the Fenlite Streamflex really shines. While Fenwick lists the rod as a 'medium-fast action', we felt that it was closer to fast and its performance at longer distances reflected that. We really liked the rod at 60-feet, our farthest trout distance, and felt that it was highly accurate. It also casts really well with SA MPX at this distance.

This rod has a ton of power for a 5wt. Which makes sense because its weights are more like a 6wt. But we could definitely feel Fenwick's blank tech at this distance and it allowed us to place flies accurately almost every time. The rod had solid tracking capabilities and was easy to control. If you're casting big flies out of a drift boat or smaller flies at these longer distances this is a stellar rod (especially for the price) if you're not concerned about weight and swing weight.


This is one of the most accurate rods we've cast at 30-feet regardless of price. This rod is HIGHLY ACCURATE at close distances if you're an angler with a quick casting stroke and you're not a sucker for feedback and feel. The rod's fast action design and stiff rod blank allow anglers to direct flies really easily at 30-feet. We hit the target almost every single time when we put the Fenlite Streamflex through the paces.

The rod certainly kept its accuracy at the middle distances. At 45-feet, although the rod felt heavy, we enjoyed casting it with SA MPX and found that it placed larger flies accurately and was great at throwing nymph rigs. This is also a rod that'll mend line powerfully and accurately and can accomplish most tasks on a trout stream at this distance. This is a great rod for propelling larger hoppers through wind and weather.

Finally, the rod's accuracy continued into the longer distances of 60+ feet. We were really impressed; the Fenlite Streamflex really did everything we asked it to. This would be a great bass or trout rod and is certainly an accuracy weapon.

Flex & Feel

You know this rod is extremely accurate if you read the section above. Unfortunately, Fenwick sacrificed feedback and feel for power and accuracy. This rod is truly a fast action, high-performance 5wt and as such definitely lacks feedback and feel. We really couldn't feel the rod load at 30-feet at all. The feedback got a little better as we moved back and cast the Streamflex at longer distances, however, it's just not designed to be caster-friendly/forgiving.

If you're looking for a rod that'll present small dry flies delicately at short distances, this isn't the rod for you. Check out the Redington Classic Trout. If you don't mind a heavier rod with minimal feedback/feel, this rod is highly accurate and a great choice for beginners and intermediate casters alike.


Limited Lifetime Warranty




This rod is built for anglers who have a quick casting stroke and are looking for an accurate, powerful, stout 5wt. This rod's power and accuracy make it a great choice for nymphing, hopper fishing, and bulky rigs. You're not going to find a more accurate rod in this price range. That said, this isn't a rod for anglers who prefer a light touch or are used to fishing a moderate action trout rod with finesse and feel. Overall, we were really impressed with the Fenlite Streamflex from Fenwick... we just wish they made it a little lighter.

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  • HIGHLY accurate
  • Powerful for a 5wt


  • Lacks finesse, feedback, feel


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