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The Echo Bravo is Echo’s top-of-the-line fly reel, which might shock you when you see its low price! This budget reel offers both beginners and seasoned flats anglers a capable tool that competes in performance with reels double or triple its price. While it may not feature fancy anodized color options or a big, ergonomic handle, we see tons of value in it and think it’s worth considering for an affordable addition to your salt quiver. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Echo Bravo and what makes it a compelling choice for your first - or next - saltwater fly reel.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredible value! For saltwater beginners, it has the features you’ll need for a price you can afford.
  • Powerful drag. With 10+ pounds of stopping power, you’ll be prepared for any flats species.


  • On the heavier side for a modern saltwater reel, at 8.95 ounces in the 7/9 size. 
  • The spool width of 1.25” is wider than the industry standard of 1” or narrower.
  •  Is the drag completely sealed? Although advertised as 'saltwater safe', its exact implications are unclear.
  • A larger drag knob and handle would make it more user-friendly.

Who It’s For

The Echo Bravo is an ideal fly reel for first-time saltwater or big-game anglers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a reel they may not use often. Its attainable price of under $150 makes it one of the most affordable saltwater fly reels on the market. Avid anglers may also appreciate the Bravo as a backup reel, or even as a ‘beater’ reel for the quiver. If you’re looking for the absolute highest performance in a sleek, modern package, the Bravo probably isn’t the reel for you. However, if you want an affordable reel with decent performance, the Echo Bravo is worth considering.


At 8.95 ounces in the 7/9 size, the Echo Bravo is a moderately heavy saltwater fly reel. For comparison, the Lamson Litespeed M ($720) size 8 weighs 5.7 ounces and is on the light end of the spectrum. Conversely, the Sage Enforcer ($575) size 7/8 weighs 9.37 ounces. As you can see, the Bravo isn’t the heaviest saltwater reel by any means, but it's also far from a featherweight. 



One of the most impressive elements of the Echo Bravo is its powerful “Pit Stop” drag system. We estimate the 7/9 size to have roughly 10 pounds of maximum drag pressure, which is more than enough for any flats species you may encounter. Additionally, the drag knob features about 2.5 turns of adjustment from minimum to maximum drag, which is perfect for dialing in the necessary amount of pressure without excessive searching.

The downside? We’re not sure if this drag is fully sealed. Echo describes the drag as “saltwater safe”, which makes us wonder whether or not the drag is partially exposed to the elements. To play it side, take extra care to rinse the Echo Bravo thoroughly after each use.


The Echo Bravo has a slightly differentiated incoming and outgoing drag click. Both sounds are pleasing to the ear and provide a decent amount of feedback. Although not our favorite sounding drag, it's fine, and way better than no sound!

Spool & Cage Design


The Echo Bravo has a unique spool design, sporting a V-shaped arbor as we’ve seen on the Redington Grande. Unfortunately, this design makes it very difficult to calculate the backing capacity and retrieval rate, therefore, consider our specifications as approximations. We measured a max spool diameter of 3.94 inches, a spool width of 1.25 inches, and an arbor diameter of approximately 2.32 inches. These specs result in a retrieval rate of roughly 9 inches per revolution, which is pretty average for saltwater reels, and definitely solid for a budget reel. For comparison, the Lamson Liquid Max in the 8wt size has a retrieval rate of nearly 11 inches per turn, putting it on the high end of the range.

Looks & Ergonomics

Aesthetically, the Echo Bravo is a good-looking reel - it’s not flashy by any means, maintaining a utilitarian appearance which Echo is known for. It is offered in only one color, matte black. Although other colors would be welcome, its cast aluminum construction limits it to painted-on options.

Ergonomically, the Bravo definitely feels more like a budget reel. Its drag knob and spool release cap are both small and feel like cheap plastic. The drag knob is also too small and gets increasingly difficult to turn as drag pressure is increased. While ergonomic design is rather subjective, we think the Echo Bravo would appeal to more saltwater anglers with larger, more functional components.


Echo Fly Reel Warranty


Price: $139.99

It’s not an easy task to find a quality saltwater reel for under $150, but Echo has done a reasonably good job with the Bravo. This is a reel with powerful drag and decently quick line retrieval at a fraction of the price of many ‘budget’ reels on the market. Although it may not feature a fully sealed drag, careful maintenance should ensure this affordable tool lasts a long time. And while its components aren’t the highest quality, the Bravo is functional and will work well for beginner saltwater anglers who don’t necessarily need the best of the best. Overall, we see tremendous value in the Echo Bravo and applaud Echo for creating a solid saltwater reel at a very reasonable price.



The Echo Bravo packs a lot of value into a small price. In these times of extremely high prices for saltwater reels, it's refreshing to see a functional reel with a decent line retrieval priced under $150. What’s more, the Bravo’s ‘Pit Stop’ drag system is a beast and will have no problem taming a running Bonefish at full tilt. Sure, we’d love to see the Bravo sport some better ergonomics like a bigger handle and drag knob, but for a value reel, it does its job. Assuming the drag is indeed fully sealed, this reel should not only get you started in saltwater fly fishing, but it should provide many years of reliable use with proper care. Overall, the Echo Bravo is an excellent budget saltwater reel and will certainly be a popular choice for anglers looking to gear up for the exciting world of saltwater fly fishing.

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