Loomis has always made a fantastic rod, but they’ve been lambasted in the internet for their warranty. For those of you who read the Midcurrent article (http://midcurrent.com/2014/03/12/g-loomis-expands-xpeditor-service/) it was clear as mud. As was their press release. So, we’ve understandably gotten a lot of questions about this, and wanted to clarify it for our customers.


First, as many of you know, the ‘Wild Card’ is gone. It was a great program for those who lived near a shop, but for some it was a hassle and if you broke your rod after that, well you had to pay a hefty chunk of change for a new one, which no one likes. So, here’s what’s happening from now on:


  1. If you break a rod, and it’s a warranty issue, you can send it in and get it fixed for free.
  2. If you break it, and it’s NOT a warranty problem, (ie it met it’s match in a car door), you can use the Xpeditor service for a fixed fee (about $100, depending on the rod), and get a new rod in 3 days!
  3. If you break it AGAIN, you can still use the Xpeditor (technically a one time deal). Loomis is going to be honoring this for future breaks, BUT will be checking to make sure you’re not abusing the program and just trying to get a new rod.


Long story short – Loomis still makes a great rod, and now has a better warranty to keep you fishing.