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  1. Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex Fly Rod Review

    Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex Fly Rod Review
    Fenwick has built a MASSIVE new entry-level fly rod series with nearly thirty rod models in total. The Fenlite series has Saltwater rod models, freshwater rod models, nymph-specific rod models, and much more. If there's a fish you can target around the world, chances are there's a rod model in this series that'll help you catch it. The common thread used to build this series is Fenwick's Powerlux 1000 blank resin that makes these rods roughly 30% stronger than a standard carbon fly rod. This tech means the 5wt rod is insanely powerful and highly accurate at all distances. This is a great rod for the intermediate angler who prefers accuracy over finesse. Read on to find out what else we're excited about in this new rod from Fenwick.
  2. Orvis Recon 2 Freshwater Fly Rod Review

    Orvis Recon 2 Freshwater Fly Rod Review
    One of the most significant changes in the new Orvis Recon 2 is Orvis' use of trickle-down technology. Since the original Recon, Orvis designed and released an extremely diverse and dynamic high-end rod series: The Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods. The company used what they learned in the creation of those rods to remake the Recon with an action Orvis says falls somewhere between the Orvis Helios 3F and the Orvis Helios 3D. Read on to find out how the new Orvis Helios 2 stacks up against other versatile 5wts.
  3. Orvis Recon 2 Saltwater Fly Rod Review

    Orvis Recon 2 Saltwater Fly Rod Review
    Hello old friend. The first iteration of the Recon was one of our favorite rods of all time. Seriously, we love the Orvis Recon. To say we were enthusiastically awaiting the release of the Recon 2 would be an understatement. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on some prototypes a bit earlier than the general public but we thought we'd wait until Orvis released the rods to give you an in-depth review. Well, that time has come and our review results may surprise you. Read on to find out what has changed in the remake of a classic and what remains the same.
  4. Sage Maverick Fly Rod Review

    Sage Maverick Fly Rod Review
    The all-new Sage Maverick fits into a moderate price-point with other fly rods like the T&T Zone and the Orvis Recon 2. We've cast almost every mid-priced saltwater fly rod on the market including the new Recon 2 Rods and many others. The Maverick features a design and taper that's unique in that arena and we think it's a versatile rod for intermediate and expert saltwater anglers alike. We've put together a review with all the measurables and comparisons between other mid-priced saltwater fly rods to help you choose the rod that's best for you. Spoiler Alert: We think the Maverick may be the best on the market. Read on to find out why.
  5. Douglas Sky G Fly Rod Review

    Douglas Sky G Fly Rod Review
    Maybe you've heard the hype, maybe you haven't. Douglas' brand new 5wt fly rod is certainly making waves in an industry that constantly rewards innovation and performance-based design. This rod has been touted as the best 5wt fly rod on the market and some people have even claimed it's the best trout rod of all time. Why are anglers making these outlandish claims? Graphene tech certainly plays a role. The blazing light swing weight and ridiculous recovery speeds also help. But is this rod really all it's cracked up to be? We wanted to see for ourselves... and we think the results from our review may surprise you. Read on to see if the Douglas Sky G lives up to all the hype.
  6. T&T Paradigm Fly Rod Review

    T&T Paradigm Fly Rod Review
    T&T has long been known for making some of the finest saltwater fly rods on the market. The Exocett is a saltwater series we know and love here at Trident and the Zone is a more recent mid-priced saltwater rod series that has been well-received by the fly fishing industry in general. The Paradigm breaks the T&T saltwater rod mold and marks T&T's entry into the small water, moderate action dry fly market. It seems like many major rod manufacturers have come out with moderate action dry fly-specific rods in the last few years. The Paradigm is T&T's lightweight trout rod for small streams, small flies, and finesse-style fishing. But how does it compare to other trout rods on the market? Read on to find out.
  7. Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod Series Review

    Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod Series Review
    We get questions about specific rod models all the time. "How does the 3wt compare to the 4wt?" and "When should I use this rod?" and "What line works best on this rod?". In an attempt to provide better info so you can make a more informed buying decision, we decided to start a 'model-by-model' blog series. We traveled to the Orvis headquarters in Manchester, VT this fall and had the chance to cast each and every rod in the 3D series. This article is designed to pass that info along to you. Of course, like our shootouts and other casting commentaries, these mini-reviews are based on our casting style and preferences. Your mileage may vary. Read on to see what we liked (and didn't like) about the 3D rod series.
  8. Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod Series Review

    Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod Series Review
    The Orvis Helios 3F Series (along with the Helios 3D Series) replaces the much-loved Orvis Helios 2 Rod Series as Orvis' flagship fly rod. Orvis has packed a bunch of technological advancements into these rods and they're lighter, more accurate, and more dynamic than ever before. If Orvis wasn't at the top of the fly rod game before with the Helios 2, they are now with the Helios 3. What's better? The team over at Orvis designed the 3F Series to include rods that are highly specialized, rods that are versatile, and rods that shocked us with their quirky ability to offer unexpected performance. After a visit to the Orvis headquarters and the thorough casting of each and every rod model, we've put together a detailed model-by-model review of one of the most popular freshwater fly rod series to date. Read on to find out more about every model of the Helios 3F.
  9. Gaelforce Equalizer Switch Fly Rod Review

    Gaelforce Equalizer Switch Fly Rod Review
    The first time I heard of Gaelforce Fly Rods was a couple of years ago. A good friend came into the shop talking about these amazing rods made in Scotland. He took his 14’ 9wt out of the case and it was the most beautiful rod I had ever seen. Fast forward two years and I have a handful of these rods… safe to say I have been blown away by all of them. Read on to find out what we like about the Equalizer Switch.
  10. 2019 Trout Spey Shootout

    2019 Trout Spey Shootout
    Have you ever wondered which Trout Spey rod is the very best? Well, the wait is over. We've ranked the industry's top 3wt Trout Spey rods based on a comprehensive criterion. Which rod took home the title as 'Best Trout Spey Rod on the Market'? Read on to find out. Plus the Best Buy and fly line recommendations for every rod. Don't buy a Trout Spey rod without reading this shootout.

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