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  1. My Favorite Time of Year

    My Favorite Time of Year
      "I feel like I'm about to break an unwritten rule of fly fishing." (tweet this)   Every year we anglers wait in anticipation for the change of the seasons. As winter turns into spring, and spring into summer, you get that all too familiar itch.  The itch that says, "I need to get out on the water." Ice melts...
  2. Long Island Bonefishing Lodge Review

    Long Island Bonefishing Lodge Review
    When I was planning my latest bonefishing trip to Long Island (the one in The Bahamas), I came across the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge which offers “assisted DIY” bonefishing. Those who know me know that I’m a bit of a contrarian and this is a brand new concept in the world of fishing lodges, and probably the first change to the business model in 50 years. Naturally, I set aside a day to check it out.

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