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  1. How to Choose the Right Fly Rod for Every Species

    When it comes to fly fishing, having the right gear is important if you want to be successful. One of the most important pieces of gear is your fly rod. Choosing the right fly rod can be tricky, but it's important to choose one that is well-suited for the type of fish you're trying to catch. In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to choose the right fly rod for every species.
  2. Georgia Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Georgia

    Georgia Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Georgia
    Many associate Georgia with the Masters, World of Coke, peaches, college football, the Atlanta Metro Area's traffic, and the World's Busiest Airport. Some great fly fishing opportunities lie beneath the backdrop of skyscrapers, suburban sprawl, and industrial farming. Most of the fly fishing the Peach State offers is within a short striking distance of a major metro area with over six million people.
  3. Top 8 Best Flies for Pike

    Top 8 Best Flies for Pike
    Pike are toothy predators that enjoy feeding on large meals in Lake, Pond, and River settings. These fish feed aggressively and are a lot of fun to catch on a fly rod. A lot of Pike fishing is done in shallow water which makes spotting and tempting these fish a visual game. Bright streamers, large crustaceans, and even an amphibian or two comprise the diet of these large freshwater fish. Read on to find out which flies are the best for Pike plus videos, photos, and other resources to help you compile the best Pike gear in the industry.
  4. The Top Flies for Pacific Salmon

    The Top Flies for Pacific Salmon
    Pacific Salmon are loads of fun to catch on a fly rod. Whether you're targeting Silvers in Alaska or King Salmon on a Great Lakes Tributary, these fish are incredibly strong and can be tricky to fool. Many anglers adopt a swinging approach when targeting Salmon with a fly rod and two-handed Spey fishing is a great tactic. A lot of the flies listed below are streamers that are particularly productive when swung. That being said, Salmon can also be fooled using dead-drift techniques so we've included some egg flies, too. Read on to find out which flies are the best for Pacific Salmon.
  5. The 8 Best Redfish Flies

    The 8 Best Redfish Flies
    Redfish are prevalent from the southeastern coast of the US to Texas. These large-shouldered predators spend time cruising marshy coastlines searching for crabs, shrimp, and small baitfish. It's not uncommon to see Reds tailing in shallow water and some would consider sight casting to a 30+lb Bull Redfish the pinnacle of the sport. These fish, without a doubt, make for an incredibly memorable fly fishing trip. But a fishing trip can also go terribly wrong without the right gear. Learn which flies are the best.
  6. The 8 Best Bonefish Flies

    The 8 Best Bonefish Flies
    Bonefish are perhaps the most well-known flats species. They're plentiful, often found in large schools, and put up a thrilling fight on a fly rod. Bones offer novice saltwater anglers ample targets and (relatively) easy fishing to boost confidence before targeting some of the more elusive flats species. That being said, at times they can be picky and offer exciting challenges on a fly rod. Read on to find out which flies work the best when flats fishing for Bonefish with a fly rod.
  7. The Top 10 Best Permit Flies

    The Top 10 Best Permit Flies
    Permit are finicky, picky, bad-attitude kinda fish. They're known for challenging feeding habits, unnecessary pickiness, and humbling elusiveness. That's part of the reason anglers focus so much time, energy, and resources to catch one on a fly rod. A Perm on a fly rod is like a badge of honor in contemporary fly fishing. Catching them is much easier with the right fly selection. Read on to find out which flies are the very best for Permit.
  8. Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout

    Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout
    We’ve been doing tackle shootouts for years. They are among the most visited pages on our website and we take pride in having helped thousands of anglers find the right tackle for their needs. As our business has grown, we asked ourselves: Which area of fly fishing had the least amount of information? The answer amongst our team was travel. Have you ever booked a lodge and wondered if it was the best lodge? Who has the best food? Most comfortable? Best guides? It’s almost impossible to find anyone who’s visited multiple lodges in a given area, let alone any sort of comparison amongst them. With this shootout, we aim to change that.
  9. The Best Flies for Mexico

    The Best Flies for Mexico
    Mexico is home to some of the best tropical saltwater flats fishing anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a novice saltwater angler or an expert chasing Permit, Mexico has something to offer every fly fisherman. It’s also easy to get to from anywhere in the US, relatively inexpensive, and the perfect place for a week-long fishing trip. From Permit to Bonefish to Tarpon and more, Mexico truly has it all. Read on to learn which flies are the most productive for every individual species.
  10. COVID-19 Fly Fishing Destination Travel Update

    COVID-19 Fly Fishing Destination Travel Update
    In an effort to provide the traveling angler with current up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we've decided to do some research and put together a destination travel guide. Below you'll find current status updates, relevant restrictions, booking recommendations, and more for popular fly fishing destinations around the world. If we omitted your favorite destination, drop us a comment below and we'll add it.

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