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  1. How to Choose the Right Fly Rod for Every Species

    When it comes to fly fishing, having the right gear is important if you want to be successful. One of the most important pieces of gear is your fly rod. Choosing the right fly rod can be tricky, but it's important to choose one that is well-suited for the type of fish you're trying to catch. In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to choose the right fly rod for every species.
  2. Georgia Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Georgia

    Georgia Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Georgia
    Many associate Georgia with the Masters, World of Coke, peaches, college football, the Atlanta Metro Area's traffic, and the World's Busiest Airport. Some great fly fishing opportunities lie beneath the backdrop of skyscrapers, suburban sprawl, and industrial farming. Most of the fly fishing the Peach State offers is within a short striking distance of a major metro area with over six million people.
  3. Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout

    Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout
    We’ve been doing tackle shootouts for years. They are among the most visited pages on our website and we take pride in having helped thousands of anglers find the right tackle for their needs. As our business has grown, we asked ourselves: Which area of fly fishing had the least amount of information? The answer amongst our team was travel. Have you ever booked a lodge and wondered if it was the best lodge? Who has the best food? Most comfortable? Best guides? It’s almost impossible to find anyone who’s visited multiple lodges in a given area, let alone any sort of comparison amongst them. With this shootout, we aim to change that.
  4. The Best Flies for Mexico

    The Best Flies for Mexico
    Mexico is home to some of the best tropical saltwater flats fishing anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a novice saltwater angler or an expert chasing Permit, Mexico has something to offer every fly fisherman. It’s also easy to get to from anywhere in the US, relatively inexpensive, and the perfect place for a week-long fishing trip. From Permit to Bonefish to Tarpon and more, Mexico truly has it all. Read on to learn which flies are the most productive for every individual species.
  5. COVID-19 Fly Fishing Destination Travel Update

    COVID-19 Fly Fishing Destination Travel Update
    In an effort to provide the traveling angler with current up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we've decided to do some research and put together a destination travel guide. Below you'll find current status updates, relevant restrictions, booking recommendations, and more for popular fly fishing destinations around the world. If we omitted your favorite destination, drop us a comment below and we'll add it.
  6. Fly Fishing for Winter Redfish in New Orleans: A Trip Report (Full Length)

    Fly Fishing for Winter Redfish in New Orleans: A Trip Report (Full Length)
    Monster Redfish don't come easy. We learned that the hard way during our 2020 New Years trip to New Orleans to fish for Redfish on the fly. Weather, water conditions, storms, and more required plan changes, city exploration, and tough fishing. That being said, we found some trophy fish that made the whole trip worthwhile. Read on to get the full report including advice, recommendations, tons of photos, and much more.
  7. How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Permit

    How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Permit
    Conventional wisdom tells us that a 9/10wt reel with a sealed drag, durable build, and a large arbor is the best option when targeting Permit on the fly. In some cases, that wisdom holds true. There are situations when other reel features should be considered, however, and some situations when different reel options will boost your chances of success. Read on to find out which reel features matter in which situations and why.
  8. How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Steelhead

    How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Steelhead
    Steelhead season is here. Well, almost. It's definitely time to start thinking about long, fishless days and fooling the fish of a thousand casts. Bright chrome, screaming runs, acrobatic jumps. It's all within reach. Steelhead are difficult to catch and require persistence, dedication, and skill, however. They're not for the faint of heart. When you finally hook one, the right gear will improve your chances of landing it. Read on to find out how choosing the right fly reel affects your chances.
  9. How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Bonefish

    How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Bonefish
    There are a ton of options when choosing a fly reel for Bonefish. Saltwater fly reel innovation has made manufacturing techniques and materials incredibly affordable. That means you no longer have to spend $700 for a saltwater-safe fly reel (though you still can... and in some instances, you should). Quality saltwater fly reels in the $200-$400 price range do exist and feature drag systems and reel designs that are capable of handling Bonefish. But Bonefish are deceptively spunky. It's intuitive that you need a reel with a strong drag system to fight a Tarpon (read our post about fly reels for Tarpon here). Tarpon are massive. But Bonefish are small... a trophy fish is 10-12lbs. So do you really need the best saltwater fly reel on the market with the strongest drag system in the universe? You'd be surprised by the answer. Read on to find out.
  10. Maine Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Maine

    Maine Fly Fishing: Where to Fish in Maine
    Most of you probably know Trident Fly Fishing is located in the picturesque state of Maine. Lobster, sailing, summer houses, beautiful coastline, tourism, and the largest forest coverage of any state in the US. 'Vacation Land', as it's aptly referred to, weaves grand wilderness and close-knit coastal communities into a state quilt that's pretty dynamic. And, as you may have also heard, Maine has fish. Lots of them. Once you've decided you'd rather put footprints on a riverbank than hoist sails on a mast, Maine's 35,000 square miles can seem overwhelming. Where's the best place to don a pair of waders and chase down weary salmonids? Like any type of fishing, it depends on the season, conditions, geography and more. Here are some recommendations to point you in the right direction.

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