Learn how to get started in Fly Fishing with these helpful tips and equipment recommendations.

  1. Best Budget Fly Rods of 2024

    Best Budget Fly Rods of 2024

    It’s no secret that fly fishing is an expensive sport, and prices only seem to increase. Fortunately, it’s still possible to find a budget-friendly fly rod that performs extremely well. Manufacturers like Greys, Echo, TFO, and others continue to produce exceptional fishing tools at a fraction of the price of premium rods. Today, we’ll share our favorite budget fly rods of 2024, discussing their features, intended uses, and pros and cons for each. If you’re looking to get into fly fishing, or just want a new rod that won’t break the bank, keep reading to learn about the best budget fly rods of 2024. 

  2. Fly Fishing Flies Explained

    Fly Fishing Flies Explained

    For beginner anglers, flies can be an overwhelming topic to digest. With literally thousands of fly patterns available – all with different names – knowing where to start can seem impossible. We’re here to simplify this important topic. Today, we’ll discuss what a fly is, introduce some basic terminology, and categorize flies into 4 distinct categories. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to look at a fly and make a confident assessment of what type of fly it is, and how it should be fished. To keep things really simple, we’re only going to focus on flies for trout in freshwater rivers and streams. Keep reading to learn all about fly fishing flies in this helpful guide.

  3. How To Setup A Fly Reel

    How To Setup A Fly Reel

    So you’ve just bought your first fly reel, backing, and fly line, and it’s time to set it up. You’re probably asking yourself, where do I begin? Not to worry – we’ve created a simple guide that walks you through setting up your fly reel, step by step. This is an easy process, and you’ll learn a couple of cool knots along the way. Enjoy this guide, and more importantly, enjoy fishing with your new reel!

  4. How To Choose The Best Fly Fishing Waders In 2024

    How To Choose The Best Fly Fishing Waders In 2024

    Choosing the right pair of fly fishing waders is a big decision. A good pair of waders will keep you comfortable and dry while fishing, ensuring you stay warm without becoming overheated. Waders should also fit your body properly, allowing movement and comfort whether you’re on a drift boat or scrambling over boulders. Additionally, waders should include features that you need for your specific fishing, such as pockets, gravel guards, or a convenient front zipper. Today, we’ll discuss everything to consider when purchasing a new pair of fly fishing waders. Whether you’re shopping for your first pair of waders, or replacing an old pair, this guide should help you make an informed decision, free of any marketing hype.

  5. Best Saltwater Fly Reels of 2024

    Best Saltwater Fly Reels of 2024

    When it comes to saltwater fly fishing, having a reliable reel with a solid drag and quick line pickup is of the utmost importance. Choosing the right reel, however, can be tricky. With so many options available and prices ranging from under $200 to well above $1,000, it’s hard to know which reel will offer the best performance for the money. Today, we’ll share our list of the best saltwater fly reels of 2024, giving you some pros and cons for each reel, and the price. Hopefully, this list will help you weed through the countless options and make an informed buying decision. Whether you’re gearing up for a GT trip to the Seychelles, or just getting into saltwater fly fishing and looking for a reliable Bonefish reel, this list will help you pick the best fly reel for your specific needs.

  6. Best 6wt Fly Rods of 2024

    Best 6wt Fly Rods of 2024

    For many anglers, a 6-weight is the most versatile fly rod in their quiver. Capable of targeting Trout, Salmon, Bass, and even saltwater species such as Bonefish and Snook, a good 6-weight rod is worth its weight in gold. While there are dozens of great 6wt rods available these days, each rod has its distinctive characteristics and purposes. Today, we’ll take a look at several of the very best 6 weights of 2024, to help you pick the right tool for your fishing.

  7. How To Choose The Best Fly Reel

    How To Choose The Best Fly Reel

    Choosing the right fly reel can be daunting, but we’re here to simplify the process. Here at Trident, we’ve been testing and reviewing fly reels for a long time, and today we’ll discuss 6 characteristics of fly reels that you should consider when buying your next reel. We’ll touch on important design features like size, weight, and drag, and we’ll also discuss the merits of aesthetics and other features you might not think of. With so many fly reels on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the terminology and sheer number of options available. However, by the end of this blog, we’re confident you will be able to choose the best fly reel for your fishing needs.

  8. Best 4wt Fly Rods of 2024

    Best 4wt Fly Rods of 2024

    Once considered strictly for small stream fishing, modern 4-weight fly rods have become extremely versatile tools for the modern angler. A 4-weight fly rod is an important tool in any angler’s arsenal, capable of handling a wide range of techniques and target species – from dry flies and nymphing for Trout and Grayling to casting poppers to smaller Bass and Panfish. With so many 4-weight options on the market, it can be difficult to cut through the marketing hype. Let’s take a closer look at the best 4-weight fly rods of 2024 to help you choose the right one for your fishing goals.

  9. How to Choose the Best Fly Line for Streamers in 2024

    How to Choose the Best Fly Line for Streamers in 2024

    Stripping streamers is one of the best ways to consistently catch large trout. When trout reach a certain size, their diet consists of bugs AND other fish. Remember that food chain thing you learned in grade school? If you’re hunting for the largest trout in a particular watershed, you’ll have a good chance of finding them with a large streamer pattern. If you’re wondering which fly rods are the best for fishing streamers, we’ve covered that topic in a different post. But the best streamer rod with the wrong fly line will only get you so far. Choosing the right line will help to increase your chances of landing a monster on a streamer.

  10. Best Streamer Fly Rods of 2024

    Best Streamer Fly Rods of 2024

    Chasing fish with streamers is one of the most exciting ways to fly fish, and having a specialized streamer rod makes it more fun and effective. Older streamer rods were heavy broomsticks that lacked soul and finesse. Today, we are fortunate to have streamer rods that are lighter, more accurate, and oftentimes shorter in length. Today, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite dedicated streamer rods for 2024.

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