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  1. 2023 Tarpon & Big-Game Reel Mini-Shootout

    2023 Tarpon & Big-Game Reel Mini-Shootout
    This year we've upped our game big time (see what I did there?) and we've brought our hallmark reel shootout to the world of tarpon and big game fishing. After all, is there any type of fishing that needs more drag than big game fishing?
  2. Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout

    Ascension Bay, Mexico | Fly Fishing Lodge Shootout
    We’ve been doing tackle shootouts for years. They are among the most visited pages on our website and we take pride in having helped thousands of anglers find the right tackle for their needs. As our business has grown, we asked ourselves: Which area of fly fishing had the least amount of information? The answer amongst our team was travel. Have you ever booked a lodge and wondered if it was the best lodge? Who has the best food? Most comfortable? Best guides? It’s almost impossible to find anyone who’s visited multiple lodges in a given area, let alone any sort of comparison amongst them. With this shootout, we aim to change that.
  3. Best 5wt Fly Rods of 2024

    Best 5wt Fly Rods of 2024
    For many freshwater anglers, the 5-weight fly rod is their go-to choice. Whether targeting Trout, Bass, or panfish, its versatility is unparalleled. Fortunately, there are many excellent 5-weight rods available today, with features that suit nearly any freshwater angling foray. Today, we’ll take a look at several of the very best 5 weights of 2024, to help you pick the right tool for your fishing.
  4. Helios 4 Fly Rod Review

    Helios 4 Fly Rod Review
    The much anticipated 4th generation Orvis Helios has finally arrived! Like its predecessor, the H4 comes in 2 models: the D (distance) and the F (finesse), with both models offering many lengths and line weights to target virtually any species from Brook Trout to Tuna. At its core, the new Helios is designed to be the most accurate rod ever made, boasting four times the accuracy of other leading competitors. Keep reading to check out our full impression of the new Helios and whether it lives up to all the hype.
  5. Orvis SSR Disc Fly Reel Review

    Orvis SSR Disc Fly Reel Review
    The Orvis SSR Disc Fly Reel is Orvis’ spey-specific reel built on the popular Hydros platform. Like the Hydros, the SSR features a smooth and powerful drag system, solid componentry, and Orvis’ excellent warranty. Additionally, the SSR (Swing, Step, Repeat) features several design attributes purposely built for spey applications. Below, we’ll discuss how the SSR differs from the Hydros, and why this is one of the best spey reels in its price category.
  6. Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review

    Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel Review
    Hardy is one of the most iconic names in fly reels, having produced beautiful reels since 1873. Longtime fans of Hardy’s heritage reels will be intrigued by the remastered Hardy Sovereign, a classic solid-plate reel that hasn’t been available to consumers since the 1970s. The new Sovereign maintains the original model's elegance and thoughtfulness, with significant modifications for the 21st century. Read on to learn more about this charming heritage reel from Hardy.
  7. Shilton SL Fly Reel Review

    Shilton SL Fly Reel Review
    Shilton has a longstanding reputation in South Africa for producing solid, trustworthy saltwater reels. Only recently have more western anglers begun to choose Shilton’s for their big-game pursuits, and we hope that trend continues. Today, we’ll examine the Shilton SL fly reel, a mid-range cork drag reel from Shilton that offers some impressive features at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about this saltwater-specific reel from Shilton.
  8. Thomas and Thomas Avantt 2 Fly Rod Review

    Thomas and Thomas Avantt 2 Fly Rod Review
    The new Thomas and Thomas Avantt 2 fly rod is soon to hit the market after much anticipation. The original Avantt was one of our favorite freshwater rods for quite a while, and this new iteration aims to improve upon the success of its predecessor.
  9. Sage Click Fly Reel Review

    Sage Click Fly Reel Review
    The Sage Click fly reel series has been around for quite some time, and since its introduction not much has changed. The current iteration of this click-and-pawl reel features a classic clicker feel with modern technical attributes which we have come to expect from Sage. Today, we’ll examine the Sage Click, a fun reel that combines old-school technology with some high-performance features.
  10. The Ultimate Argentina Fly Fishing Guide

    The Ultimate Argentina Fly Fishing Guide
    Argentina is a bucket-list destination for most anglers, and for good reason. The lack of fishing pressure, the quality of fisheries, and the inviting Argentine culture make this country one of the best fly fishing destinations in the world. Options seem endless in Argentina, with dozens of lodges and outfitters, and catchable species ranging from wild Brook Trout to behemoth Golden Dorado. Additionally, picking the best time to fish in Argentina can be confusing, especially when considering factors such as weather, spawning cycles, and river flows. When it comes to planning the perfect Argentina adventure, having experienced travel planners in your corner becomes invaluable.

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