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  1. The Ultimate Argentina Fly Fishing Guide

    The Ultimate Argentina Fly Fishing Guide

    Argentina is a bucket-list destination for most anglers, and for good reason. The lack of fishing pressure, the quality of fisheries, and the inviting Argentine culture make this country one of the best fly fishing destinations in the world. Options seem endless in Argentina, with dozens of lodges and outfitters, and catchable species ranging from wild Brook Trout to behemoth Golden Dorado. Additionally, picking the best time to fish in Argentina can be confusing, especially when considering factors such as weather, spawning cycles, and river flows. When it comes to planning the perfect Argentina adventure, having experienced travel planners in your corner becomes invaluable.

  2. 2023 Tarpon & Big-Game Reel Mini-Shootout

    2023 Tarpon & Big-Game Reel Mini-Shootout

    This year we’ve upped our game big time (see what I did there?) and we’ve brought our hallmark reel shootout to the world of tarpon and big game fishing. After all, is there any type of fishing that needs more drag than big game fishing?

  3. How To Tie The Bronze Goddess

    How To Tie The Bronze Goddess

    Follow Karl as he ties The Bronze Goddess. Improve your fly-tying skills and know-how here! Did you find this video helpful? We’ve got hundreds more just like it. Subscribe to Trident’s YouTube Channel and enhance your fly-tying skills. New videos are posted frequently in a variety of different patterns. Created by Mike Jacobs of Iowa, this streamer is a variation […]

  4. Trip Report: The Palometa Club, Mexico - June 2024

    Trip Report: The Palometa Club, Mexico - June 2024

    Recently, I had the opportunity to make it down to The Palometa Club in Ascension Bay, Mexico for a week of fishing and catching up with our lodge partners in the small fishing village of Punta Allen. This is considered by many to be the epicenter of Permit fishing on the globe, and I was excited to get into the tropics and see what I could entice to eat a fly. The trip was a great adventure filled with many laughs, new friends, and fishing highs and lows that you can expect on any flats trip. Below, I’ll go into detail about the trip, the status of the Ascension Bay fishery, and my experience at The Palometa Club over the week.

  5. Simms G4Z Waders Review

    Simms G4Z Waders Review

    Simms has released their newest iteration of the G4Z Waders, their premium zippered-front chest waders made in Bozeman, Montana. We’ve been fans of the G-series waders for a long time, so we were excited to check out the newest generation and compare it to the previous edition. In this review we’ll discuss the G4Z’s new features, what stayed the same, and what went away. We’ll also discuss whether or not these GORE-TEX waders are worth the hefty price, and who should consider buying them.

  6. Shop Special: Rio Premier Outbound Short Night Shift Fly Line

    Shop Special: Rio Premier Outbound Short Night Shift Fly Line

    Partnering with our friends at Rio, we’ve taken their long-loved Outbound Short Fly Line and tweaked it just enough to make it a perfect fit for our specific needs. Starting with the line’s temp rating, we’ve kept the supple coldwater core that the OBS has used for years and added a hard tropical coating. This provides a wide range of versatility across fresh and saltwater, encompassing anything from colder days in the warm waters of Flordia’s canals to the cold spring tidal waters in our home state of Maine–and last but certainly not least, this line excels in situations when the air temperature is hot enough to heat a boat’s deck into the 80-degree range, yet the water is still a cool 60-degrees.

  7. Copal Tree Fly Fishing Lodge Review

    Copal Tree Fly Fishing Lodge Review

    Copal Tree Lodge brings the perfect blend of luxury, nature, and outstanding fly fishing to anglers and their families. Nestled in the jungle of southern Belize near Punta Gorda, this resort-style lodge isn’t like most saltwater fly fishing lodges. In today’s review, we’ll go into detail about what makes Copal Tree unique. We’ll discuss the food, the rooms, the location, and of course the quality of the fishing. Read along to learn more about Copal Tree Lodge and find out if it’s the right destination for your next saltwater adventure.

  8. Tibor Backcountry 2 Fly Reel Review

    Tibor Backcountry 2 Fly Reel Review

    Tibor has replaced the original Backcountry reel with the new and improved Backcountry 2, their sole freshwater reel offered in only one size. While it maintains a look and feel that is distinctively Tibor, the Backcountry 2 features improved performance for freshwater and light saltwater pursuits. In this review, we’ll discuss the standout features of the new Backcountry, including the pros & cons, its spool dimensions, and more. Keep reading to find out whether this USA-made freshwater reel is worth adding to your quiver.

  9. Echo Shadow Click Fly Reel Review

    Echo Shadow Click Fly Reel Review

    The Shadow Click is Echo’s click-and-pawl fly reel featuring surprisingly solid performance specs and a unique lightweight frame design. For small stream enthusiasts to euro-nymph anglers, this small but mighty reel offers considerable value for a very attainable price. Check out our full review below, where we dive into the technical specifications of the Shadow Click including its very interesting frame design that we’ve never seen before in any other reel. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable yet affordable fly reel, read on!

  10. Orvis Battenkill Click Fly Reel Review

    Orvis Battenkill Click Fly Reel Review

    Orvis has released their latest iteration of the Battenkill fly reel – a click-and-pawl reel that’s been offered in various forms since the 1960s. This new generation features some improved aesthetics but similar performance specs to the previous edition. Importantly, Orvis fans will be happy to learn that it still maintains its heritage and soul as a fun, affordably-priced clicker. Keep reading to find out what makes the new Battenkill different from the previous iteration, and decide whether it’s worth upgrading your click-and-pawl arsenal this summer.

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