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Just minutes from the airport in Belize City, the legendary Belize River Lodge offers incredible fly fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, and Snook with comfortable, homey accommodations and delicious regional cuisine. In continuous operation since 1960, the delightful mahogany lodge sits on the banks of the Belize Olde River, only 3.5 miles from the Caribbean and its expansive flats. The seasoned staff at the lodge display an impeccable work ethic and take tremendous pride in providing personalized service with charming Belizean hospitality.

Who It’s For

  • Tarpon Anglers
  • Fishing-oriented groups
  • Convenient location


When To Go

Anglers can find superb fishing for multiple species at any time of year at BRL. Generally, fishing for herculean migratory Tarpon is best during the spring season, March through May. Smaller, resident Tarpon can be found in the river and mangrove lagoons year-round. Bonefish, Snook, and Permit are also present throughout the year, allowing fishers to target multiple species in a single day. A “super-slam” week is incredibly attainable at Belize River Lodge.

Weather in this subtropical climate is relatively stable throughout the year, with average highs in the 80s. The warmer months, June through August, often bring more frequent rains. The cooler season falls from December through February and can experience less frequent rainstorms, but cold fronts become a risk.


Since its inception, Belize River Lodge has been a renowned Tarpon lodge of the Caribbean. With access to extensive mangrove lagoons and creeks, the concentration of ideal Tarpon habitat near BRL is staggering and explains the high quality of fishing found here. While springtime offers the best opportunity to target behemoth migratory fish, solid resident Tarpon of up to 80lbs can be found year-round.


Bonefish are plentiful in the many flats near BRL, offering anglers of all abilities a fun and exciting challenge. The average-sized fish is three pounds, but brawny specimens of up to seven pounds can be seen here. Anglers able to accurately cast 25 to 40 feet can expect to find success catching these beautiful silver bullets. 


Known for being highly discerning of any presentation, Permit have excellent eyesight and a keen sense of smell. You’ll want to bring your A-game to target this notoriously difficult species. Luckily, the flats, corals, and channels near BRL provide ample habitat and opportunities for Permit anglers. Fish size can run the gamut, ranging from 5lbs to over 30lbs, and typically Permit are found in small schools or feeding individually. 


Snook are an opportunistic predator species that reside near the mangrove structure of coastal estuaries and lagoons. These powerful fish will attack a myriad of baitfish patterns and generally range in size from 8 to 15lbs in Northern Belize. Belize River Lodge’s location on the Belize Olde River makes it an ideal base camp for targeting Snook.

Other Species

A plethora of interesting bycatch species are found in the diverse waters surrounding Belize River Lodge. Barracuda, Snapper, and Jack Crevalle are among angler favorites, but it is very common to find additional species during your week at BRL. 


Guides at BRL utilize the traditional Panga with a poling platform. These spacious, sea-worthy craft are ideally suited for fishing the flats, rivers, and lagoons of the area.


A range of rod sizes with matched reels will be necessary for a week at Belize River Lodge. We recommend bringing 4 rods: a 6-7wt for Bonefish, an 8wt all-purpose, a 9wt for Permit, and a 10-12wt for Tarpon. Your guides will help you rig appropriately for the day’s fishing. We recommend adhering to the packing and equipment lists provided by Trident.


Day 1: From Home to Belize River Lodge

A weeklong trip at Belize River Lodge is typically Saturday to Saturday. Getting to the lodge begins with a Saturday flight to Belize City, Belize (BZE). Upon arrival in Belize City, a Belize River Lodge representative will drive you about 15 minutes to the lodge. 

Days 2 - 7: The Fishing Days

Fishing days start with a full breakfast before heading out with your guide for the day. Lunches are typically served on the water, allowing you to relax, eat, and hydrate. Following an afternoon fishing session, you’ll return to the lodge before dark to unwind and enjoy a fabulous family-style meal consisting of Belizean-Creole fare. After dinner, feel free to enjoy cocktails and stories at the self-serve bar, tie flies, or retire early for a restful night's sleep.

Day 8: From Belize River Lodge to Home

After your week of fishing, you’ll enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning before beginning your 15-minute transfer back to Belize City, Belize (BZE), where you’ll board your flight to your home destination.



There are three lodging options at Belize River Lodge:

The Guest House

This two-story mahogany building contains four air-conditioned rooms, each with two single beds. Each room features private hot & cold showers, ceiling fans, and screened verandas overlooking the Belize Olde River.

The Cottage

This charming two-bedroom unit is arranged for two groups of two or a party of four. Each room has hot & cold showers, ceiling fans, A/C, and two single beds. The rooms are separated by a connecting door and share an open veranda. One of the cottage rooms has a comfortable lounging area.

The Bungalow

This two-bedroom unit contains four beds in total. Each air-conditioned bedroom has one queen bed and one double bed, private showers, and ceiling fans. A spacious screened veranda allows the tropical trade winds to breeze through as you take in the sights and sounds of the Belizean landscape.


Breakfast and Dinner at Belize River Lodge are served family-style in the dining room, where you’ll find three solid-slab mahogany tables and a charming, homey atmosphere. The kitchen staff delivers a superb blend of Belizean, Creole, and International dishes of fresh, local ingredients that will leave you feeling well-fortified for your angling adventures. Nourishing lunches are packed daily by your guide, allowing you to eat on the water. The well-appointed self-service bar is available each evening for apres-fishing drinks and companionship.


Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the lodge and in each room. Although it is generally a reliable service, it can be affected by adverse weather conditions. Depending on your service plan, cell service may be available at the lodge.


2024 Fishing Packages

Trident Travel’s expert planning service is free of charge. The rates below are the same as you would pay by booking directly with the lodge. 

Rates are subject to change at any time. Contact us for the most current pricing. 

Double Occupancy/Shared Boat (Per Person)

3 Nights / 2 Days = $2,125

4 Nights / 3 Days = $2,975

5 Nights / 4 Days = $3,775

6 Nights / 5 Days = $4,550

7 Nights / 6 Days = $5,350

8 Nights / 7 Days = $5,995


Single Occupancy/Single Boat (Per Person)

3 Nights / 2 Days = $3,050

4 Nights / 3 Days = $4,250

5 Nights / 4 Days = $5,425

6 Nights / 5 Days = $6,550

7 Nights / 6 Days = $7,695

8 Nights / 7 Days = $8,575


What's Included:

  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Guided fishing
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Belize government taxes
  • Round-trip airport transfers (BZE) 

What's Not Included:

  • Airfare to and from Belize
  • Fishing license
  • Gratuities for the guides
  • Gratuities for the lodge staff
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Belize departure tax
  • All fishing equipment


What skill level is required for this trip?

Belize River Lodge can cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced anglers. No previous flats fishing experience is required for this trip, although we always recommend practicing your casting before a saltwater trip to get the most out of your experience.

What should I do to prepare for a week of fly fishing in Belize?

Most importantly, you should practice casting in windy conditions. As with any saltwater trip, wind can be a major factor in Belize. Also, purchasing the right gear, tackle, and clothing is important - use our recommended packing lists. You should think about your goals for the trip, so you can relay that to your guides. And lastly, figure out your travel logistics well in advance.

Is Belize River Lodge Family Friendly?

While Belize River Lodge is family-friendly, this lodge is ideally suited for solo anglers or groups of angling companions. Fishing is the primary focus of this trip, so if your family is keen on angling, this could be a good fit. If you’re looking for a resort-style lodge with lots of other activities, this may not be the right place for you.

How many other anglers will be there?

The lodge's capacity is 16 anglers, making for an intimate and personalized experience. The vast nature of the surrounding fishery means you are likely to have ample amounts of water to yourself each day.

How does money work in Belize?

The Belizean Dollar (BZD) is pegged to the US Dollar (USD) at a 2:1 ratio. US Dollars are accepted everywhere, but change will be given in Belizean dollars.  For your convenience, please bring enough cash to cover tipping, departure tax, bar bill, & incidentals.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment. We recommend Travel Guard, a well-established insurance company that offers excellent, affordable policies designed for angling travel.

Is traveling to Belize safe?

Belize is generally considered a safe country for international tourists. As with any international travel, use common sense and keep your wits about you.


What kind of electrical outlets are there?

Electrical outlets are the same as in the U.S. - 110 Volt AC power.


What is the weather like?

The climate of Belize is subtropical with temperatures averaging around 80 degrees F throughout the year.  Lows during winter rarely drop below 70 and highs during the warmest months are only occasionally above 100. July and August tend to be the warmest months and cold fronts in the winter generally bring the coolest temperatures.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, complimentary WiFi is available throughout the lodge and in each room.

Are alcoholic beverages included?

The Lodge has a small self-service, honor system bar and you will sign a tab for drinks.  The bar features open bottles of Belizean rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, and tequila. BRL also offers wine for sale by the bottle. You may bring your own alcoholic beverages if you like. When entering Belize City (BZE), there is a duty-free where each visitor is allowed to purchase 4 liters of alcohol.

What other amenities does the lodge offer?

Belize River Lodge offers a tackle shop, a lodge telephone, a cigar humidor, and massage services which must be arranged in advance.

Is tipping customary in Belize?

Yes, tipping is customary although it is at your discretion. We generally recommend tipping 10-15% of your trip total per person. Please plan on tipping in cash.

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