Bead Head Copper John Fly

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One of the most popular nymphs around and one that’s been relied on for years, the Bead Head Copper John Fly is an essential part of any day spent nymphing. Created in Colorado by John Barr in the 1990s, the Bead Head Copper John can be fished as an attractor nymph or as a stonefly or mayfly nymph imitation. Regardless of how you like to fish it, it’s a fly that sinks quickly and looks buggy thanks to its bead head, biot tail, wound wire body, peacock herl thorax, webby legs, and wingcase equipped with resin and flash. The most popular colors for the Bead Head Copper John are chartreuse, red, and pheasant tail and the most commonly fished sizes are 12-18.


You can turn to the Bead Head Copper John Fly just about any day of the year, and it makes an excellent searching pattern when you’re unsure of what the fish are eating. Fishing the Bead Head Copper John Fly is quite versatile, whether you’re running it through fast riffles on a tight line or dredging a slow pool with an indicator setup, it’s hard to go wrong here, and it’s also the perfect fly when utilizing the popular hopper-copper-dropper setup. From the Rocky Mountains to the Catskills, the Bead Head Copper John should have a home in all of our nymph boxes. 


Sizes Available:


Colors Available:

Zebra, Red, Purple, Pheasant Tail, Copper, Black

Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.


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