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Bauer’s do-it-all reel series, the RX, features models that are made specifically for freshwater/trout applications and reels that are rugged enough to chase fish in the saltwater. This well-rounded series is built on a strong carbon fiber drag system and intelligent porting and design. User-friendly contemporary aesthetics include a wooden reel handle and various reel colors. Whether you’re a saltwater or freshwater angler the RX has a reel model for you.



Precision, Performance, Perfection - Or so Bauer claims. The RX reels are designed with heightened tolerances and represent the very best in USA-manufactured fly reels. The reel is extremely well-balanced with maximum porting for a lightweight build. The drag system is strong and efficient making this reel a great option in either freshwater or saltwater.



Anodized Finish - The RX sports an anodized finish that adds durability and corrosion-resistance to the reel. The finishing is great for excursions in both freshwater and saltwater and protects the reel when it’s dropped or dinged.



Machined 6061 Aluminum - The RX is built with machined 6061 Aluminum which has a few benefits. 6061 aluminum is both abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you happen to drop or ding your reel, machined aluminum resists corrosion even when abraded. This type of aluminum is commonly used in aircraft and boat/automotive construction and contributes to the lightweight, durable build of the RX.



Type - The RX functions on a powerful disc drag system. The larger reel models feature a drag with up to five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control on the largest saltwater fish. This drag system is strong, smooth, sealed, and reliable.

Materials - The drag system on the RX features multiple carbon discs that are resistant to heat and wear. The reel’s drag system efficiently dissipates heat and keeps the reel functioning properly throughout a lifetime of use.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the RX increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest trout and massive saltwater fish. Most contemporary fly reels are made with a large arbor design to allow anglers to pick up as much line as possible with as little work as possible.



Bauer Limited Lifetime Warranty - As of January 2020, Bauer warrants against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser when the reel is purchased through an authorized dealer. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the reel at Bauer’s discretion and doesn’t cover incidental damages.


More Info

Best for: Allwater


Arbor Size: Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
RX74.5 in.9.4 oz.LargeDiscWF12+450yds (30lb)11Gold Hub/Green Spool$925.00
RX33.5 in.4.2 oz.LargeDiscWF6+135yds (20lb)5Gold Hub/Black Spool$655.00
RX13 in.3.5 oz.LargeDiscWF5+55yds (20lb)3Gold Hub/Black Spool$525.00
RX13 in.3.5 oz.LargeDiscWF5+55yds (20lb)3Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$525.00
RX13 in.3.5 oz.LargeDiscWF5+55yds (20lb)3Gold Hub/Green Spool$525.00
RX23.25 in.3.8 oz.LargeDiscWF5+100yds (20lb)4Gold Hub/Black Spool$575.00
RX23.25 in.3.8 oz.LargeDiscWF5+100yds (20lb)4Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$575.00
RX33.5 in.4.2 oz.LargeDiscWF6+135yds (20lb)5Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$655.00
RX23.25 in.3.8 oz.LargeDiscWF5+100yds (20lb)4Gold Hub/Green Spool$575.00
RX54 in.7.8 oz.LargeDiscWF8+225yds (30lb)7Gold Hub/Black Spool$755.00
RX74.5 in.9.4 oz.LargeDiscWF12+450yds (30lb)11Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$925.00
RX54 in.7.8 oz.LargeDiscWF8+225yds (30lb)7Gold Hub/Green Spool$755.00
RX43.75 in.5.3 oz.LargeDiscWF7+175yds (20lb)6Gold Hub/Black Spool$695.00
RX43.75 in.5.3 oz.LargeDiscWF7+175yds (20lb)6Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$695.00
RX43.75 in.5.3 oz.LargeDiscWF7+175yds (20lb)6Gold Hub/Green Spool$695.00
RX33.5 in.4.2 oz.LargeDiscWF6+135yds (20lb)5Gold Hub/Green Spool$655.00
RX64.25 in.8.6 oz.LargeDiscWF10+350yds (30lb)9Gold Hub/Black Spool$855.00
RX64.25 in.8.6 oz.LargeDiscWF10+350yds (30lb)9Gold Hub/Charcoal Spool$855.00
RX64.25 in.8.6 oz.LargeDiscWF10+350yds (30lb)9Gold Hub/Green Spool$855.00
RX74.5 in.9.4 oz.LargeDiscWF12+450yds (30lb)11Gold Hub/Black Spool$925.00
RX54 in.LargeDiscSpey 6/7 (175yds 30lb)5, 6Charcoal$785.00