Arctic Fisherman Mutation Fox Hair Variety Pack

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All of the Mutation Fox that you need with an economical pricetag, Arctic Fisherman’s Mutation Fox Variety Pack has you covered whether you’re planning the Atlantic salmon trip of a lifetime or just want to have a ton of colors at your fingertips. Arctic Fisherman’s Mutation Fox is sourced from the tail and you get a high-quality ring in six different colors. With their Mutation Fox Hair, Arctic Fisherman’s Mutation Fox Hair has a dense underfur that’s coupled with long guard hairs with black tips. This two-tone appearance gives your flies a natural look that also stands out in order to increase success on tough fish like salmon. And although this natural material is prized in the world of salmon/steelhead/tube flies, it’s very versatile and can be used for patterns like large predatory streamers and even smaller crustaceans for fishing sandy flats. 


Mutation Fox is widely used when tying in wings on salmon, steelhead, and tube flies and it really excels here. However, it’s a versatile material with a ton of other applications like building streamer heads, tails, and wings, creating composite loops, tying small crustacean patterns, and adding forward bulk/creating heads on large predatory patterns. And with its unique coloring, this variety pack makes it easy to add nearly any color you like. 


A very similar option is Hareline’s Arctic Fox Tail Hair; coming from the tail of an Arctic Fox, this material offers excellent motion in the water, and just like Mutation Fox, it remains rigid and holds its shape well when in the water. Both of these furs have a soft underfur with long guard hairs, and the main differences are that Arctic Fox doesn’t have the dark tips that Mutation Fox does nor the variety pack value provided by the Mutation Fox Hair Variety Pack.

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