Airflo 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line

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A super versatile series of lines, Airflo’s 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line was designed for long casts in a wide variety of conditions. Available in floating, intermediate, and two different sink rates (3ips and 7ips), the 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line gives you all of the options you need to meet the task at hand. Ready for anything from standard freshwater to saltwater applications, this is a line that’s a strong choice whether you’re on a lake, a tidal flat, or a large river, and its well-designed taper ensures that your casts are never compromised. Bluefish pounding herring or trout under a logjam, the 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line lets you target them all.



Power Core and Ridge Tech - No stranger to long fights and big fish, Airflo equips their 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Line with their Power Core technology. Power Core is Airflo’s own tech that makes for a strong line while reducing stretch and memory. This feature makes the 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line perfect for strip setting even in deep water and even better for fighting strong fish without putting any memory into your line. And to make sure you get the most out of each cast, this line has Airflo’s Ridge Tech, which is a unique system of parallel-running ridges that reduce friction so your line can shoot freely. 



Large Dries, Nymphs, Streamers, and Poppers - Airflo’s 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Line comes in floating, intermediate, and two different sinking options, this means that there’s a line in the series for just about any fly you can fish. Whether you’re casting large dragonflies at rising bass, small Clousers at snook, or getting deep with a crab on a Maine flat in pursuit of striped bass, there’s a 40+ Sniper Line that can handle them all. And with a solid taper, regardless of your choice, this line can easily deliver them all at great distances. 



Cold to Tropical - Airflo’s 40+ Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line can handle just about everything, and one thing that really sets it apart from other do-it-all fly lines is its ability to handle a wide range of temperatures. While most fly lines are specific to a set range of temps, the 40+ Sniper family can handle just about any temperature you’ll encounter. Whether you’re casting off the bow of a flats boat in Florida or stripping streamers for trout in early March, this is a collection of fly lines that’s ready for it all.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Airflo created this line with an ability to turn over large, air resistant flies and cast them nice and far, and to make this happen, they give their 40+ Sniper series an aggressive taper that’s shortened and has a thicker tip. A well-considered design, this taper lets your road load nice and deep while providing the power you need to cast big flies far, regardless of conditions. With a 90ft running line that transitions into a 2ft rear taper with a 22ft belly and 6ft front taper, this line has everything that you need to confidently deliver anything from bulky mice to massive Hollow Fleyes. 


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Saltwater

Loops: Front welded loop (leader to fly line connection) and back welded loop (backing to fly line connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating, Sinking, and Intermediate


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