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On the days that Euro Nymph tactics are necessary to get into fish, Airflo’s SLN Euro Nymph Fly Line has what you need to succeed. Made with a super-thin diameter that's FIPS-Mouche compliant, this Euro Nymphing line has excellent sensitivity and allows you to maintain that crucial straight line while nymphing. Add in a non-stretch core, Super-Dri floating technology, and a Hi-Vis tip, and you’ll see why the SLN Euro Nymph is a strong choice whether you’re drowning Copper Johns out west or sinking a Perdigon on the east. 



Super Dri, Power Core, and Micro Loop  - Created as an excellent tool for Euro Nymphing, the SLN Fly Line features a variety of Airflo technologies to make it stand out. Starting with Airflo’s Super Dri technology, this line is crafted with a patented polymer that repels water and locks out dirt and other particles, making it a dream to fish while increasing the life of your line and enhancing your shooting capabilities. To add strength, prevent stretch or memory, and ensure that you’re always connected with your fly, Airflo gives their SLN Fly Line the Power Core technology. And so that you don’t find yourself yanking your line through the guides before each run, Airflo equipped the SLN with their Micro Loops that are strong and show no visible signs of a step-down. A trio of solid features, the SLN Euro Nymph Fly Line doesn’t stop there, as it comes in a stealthy olive color with a hi-vis tip, and if the orange tip distracts you or the fish, simply reverse the fly line to maintain that subtle olive color.



Euro Nymphing - Airflo made their SLN Euro Nymph Fly Line exclusively for Euro Nymphing in freshwater environments. This is not a fly line that you can expect to cast dries, then strip streamers, and finish the day Euro Nymphing but rather is a fly line that you choose when Euro Nymphing all day long. Think of the SLN Fly Line as the perfect choice for using short or long line Euro Nymphing tactics through runs where you need excellent sensitivity and want to maintain that straight line from rod tip to fly. 



Cold/Moderate - Designed to be fished in cold to moderate freshwater water systems, Airflo’s SLN Euro Nymph Fly Line isn’t one that you can take much above 70 degrees or else it will begin to soften up and go limp.



Level Line - Airflo’s SLN Euro Nymph Line is a level fly line, which means that it maintains the same diameter of .60mm throughout its entire 82.5” length. This is a great construction for a Euro Nymphing line because it reduces sag and allows for solid strike detection so that you can feel the difference between snag and fish. 


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Best for: Freshwater, Trout

Loops: Front welded loop (leader to fly line connection) and back welded loop (fly line to backing connection.

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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380gr82.5ft380grFloatingCrystal Clear$54.99
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