Airflo Ridge 2.0 Sniper 4 Seasons Fly Line

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Now incorporating our award winning Ridge 2.0 technology the sniper series throws big ass flies even further, with reduced friction and contact with the guides. Our special polyurethane formula means the 4 season works in a wider range of temperatures from cold waters to hotter climates. We’ve also added an extended rear taper and hard wearing haul zone so you can really throw this line about with confidence.

Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10FloatingPale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF10Fast IntermediatePale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF10Fast IntermediateGray/Sunburst$129.99
WF101.5-3.0 ips.Green/Sunburst$129.99
WF105-7 ips.Black/Sunburst$129.99
WF6FloatingPale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF6Fast IntermediatePale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF6Fast IntermediateGray/Sunburst$129.99
WF61.5-3.0 ips.Green/Sunburst$129.99
WF65-7 ips.Black/Sunburst$129.99
WF7FloatingPale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF7Fast IntermediatePale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF7Fast IntermediateGray/Sunburst$129.99
WF71.5-3.0 ips.Green/Sunburst$129.99
WF75-7 ips.Black/Sunburst$129.99
WF8FloatingPale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF8Fast IntermediatePale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF8Fast IntermediateGray/Sunburst$129.99
WF81.5-3.0 ips.Green/Sunburst$129.99
WF85-7 ips.Black/Sunburst$129.99
WF9FloatingPale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF9Fast IntermediatePale Gray/Sunburst$129.99
WF9Fast IntermediateGray/Sunburst$129.99
WF91.5-3.0 ips.Green/Sunburst$129.99
WF95-7 ips.Black/Sunburst$129.99
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