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Not quite a Skagit and Not quite a Scandi, Airflo’s Rage Compact Shooting Head Floating Fly Line bridges the gap between the two to deliver you a head that makes those windy days as easy as it gets. A floating head that doesn’t quite fit any specific label, the Rage Compact Shooting Head provides versatility when two-hand casting and is available in a variety of grain weights from 180 through 600 so that you can rely on it for anything from trout spey fishing on the Delaware to fishing New York tributaries for steelhead and salmon. 



Power Core - Airflo’s Power Core technology is their own way of providing strength and minimizing line stretch. This is a key feature when you need to apply power to fight as well as a solid addition for those strong hook sets. To add organization to your systems, Airflo prints the line size right on the line and gives each grain weight a different color and color-coded welded loops so you’re never stuck fumbling to find the right weight head. 



Large Streamers and Spey Flies - Airflo the Rage Compact Shooting Head in order to fall somewhere between a Skagit and Scandi, and because of this hybridization, it’s a great choice when fishing larger flies that require a little extra oomph. This is also a head that works well with a variety of floating and sinking poly leaders for added versatility. Not only does this head excel when casting large flies, but its construction also lends itself to windy conditions, making it a strong choice for days with less than favorable conditions.



Cold/Moderate - Airflo considers this line to be perfect for cold to moderate temperatures. This means that it’s great for those winter steelhead as well as spring days spent swinging soft hackles for trout. Once you get into territory that’s above 70 degrees or so, the Rage Compact Shooting Head will soften up and be tough to handle.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Airflo designed their Rage Compact Heads with a very aggressive taper. This allows for easy casting regardless of your style, and it makes straightening out your leader nice and simple. This head is made with a variety of tapers depending on the grain weight, but they all maintain a thick tip for smooth casting and convenient turnover. 


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Trout Spey and Steelhead

Loops: Front welded loop (leader to fly line connection) and back welded loop (running line to shooting head connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
180gr26.5ft180gr26.5ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
210gr26.5ft210gr26.5ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
270gr27ft270gr27ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
300gr27.5ft300gr27.5ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
330gr27.5ft330gr27.5ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
420gr29ft420gr29ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
510gr30ft510gr30ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
540gr31ft540gr31ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
570gr31ft570gr31ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
600gr32ft600gr32ftFloatingPale Mint$59.99
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