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One of Kelly’s first fly line designs with Airflo and one that’s been catching fish since, the Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Floating Fly Line is here to aid those long days spent casting complex split shot and indicator rigs while ticking the bottom. Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line is specific to nymphing and created to make things easy whenever your rigs are anything but. A great choice whether you’re targeting deep freestone pools or slick limestone streams in the month of February, the Airflo Kelly Galloup Nymph Line removes those on-the-water headaches that sometimes come with heavy multi-nymph rigging scenarios. 



Power Core and Super-Dri Ridged Surface - Power Core is Airflo’s proprietary technology that gives an incredibly strong core to your line. This feature does a number of things: first, it increases sensitivity for the times when you’re nymphing without an indicator and don’t want to miss a strike; second, it makes for solid and firm hook-setting without any stretch; third, it creates a powerful fly line that you can count on if you hook a monster. Airflo also gives the Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line their own Super-Dri Ridged Surface, this provides durability and water-resistance and reduces friction while casting to allow the line to shoot more easily through your guides. Airflo puts this all together in a polyurethane construction that prevents coiling, even on days with sub-freezing air temperatures. 



Large and Small Nymphs - Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line is a floating line made for nymphing. And while this is a do-it-all nymphing fly line, it excels when fishing rigs that have it all--for example, when you’re running a Pheasant Tail Nymph behind a Prince Nymph with five different split shot and an indicator. A messy situation? Maybe with some lines, but this one surely helps ease the pain so that you can catch fish. Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line isn’t one that you’ll be presenting a nymph at 75 feet away, but rather the line you choose whenever false casting is minimized and you’re focusing on the water that’s right around you. 



Cold/Moderate - Since the Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Floating Fly Line was designed for cold to moderate water, it won’t serve you well above 70 degrees and will begin to limpen. And while it’s upper extreme is about 70 degrees, its polyurethane construction prevents coils, making it a perfect choice for cold winter nymphing situations. 



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head -Kelly designed this fly line with an aggressive front taper and to be overweighted by about 75%. So you can think of your 5 weight fly line as being about a 5 ¾ weight--this isn’t a fly line where you want to overline as it's already integrated into the design, so keep it true to the rod you’re fishing. The Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line has a 40.5ft running line, a 16ft transitional rear taper, with a 30ft belly, and finishes it all off with a 3.5ft front taper. A solid and cohesive taper that’s built to maximize efficiency, this line gives enough power to make those long days nymphing seem like a breeze. 

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Best for: Freshwater, Trout

Loops: Front welded loop (leader to fly line connection) and back welded loop (backing to fly line connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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