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When you’re targeting predatory fish that are down deep and you don’t have a second to waste, let Airflo get your fly right where you want it with their Depthfinder Big Game Fast Sinking Fly Line. A fly line that’s designed for fast deep water that just might hold a trophy fish, Airflo’s Depthfinder Big Game Sinking Fly Line comes in a range of grain weights from 300 up to 700 so that you can match your rod while maximizing your line’s sink. This line doesn’t stop at just getting deep, as it features an intermediate running line that helps you sustain the sweet spot once you find that ideal depth. Not only does this line get your flies deep quickly, but it has an aggressive front taper that adds enough power to cast those hefty streamers whether you’re facing a massive spring tide or a large freshwater reservoir. A fly line that can handle anything from large steelhead in the Niagara River to coastal bass ambushing bait in the wash, Airflo’s Depthfinder Big Game Fly Line makes it easy to get your fly in those deep zones. 



Power Core - Power Core is Airflo’s own technology that provides you with a strong 50lb breaking strength (40lb on 300 and 400 grain). Airflo’s Power Core allows you to fight those large fish without fear of breaking your line, but it also provides excellent hook-setting abilities, even whenever your fly is riding the bottom of a 25-foot deep hole. And to ensure that there’s a Depthfinder Big Game Line for each rod in your collection, this line comes in 300, 400, 500, and 700 grains with a different color for each to make for fast selection without mistakes or regrets. 



Large Streamers - Airflo’s Depthfinder Big Game Fast Sinking Fly Line wasn’t made to delicately place shrimp in front of tailing fish or cast nymphs under an indicator, instead, it was made to present those large, bulky flies down deep. And while this line sinks very well, it also affords very long casts as a result of its aggressive taper. A deadly combination whenever you’re pursuing large fish at great depths, this is a line that you can rely on to cast a hundred feet and sink a 10-inch Bulkhead like a rock.



Cold/Moderate - Airflo created the Depthfinder Big Game Fast Sinking Fly Line for cold to moderate temperatures, and that means that you won’t want to take this line into water that’s above 70 degrees. Great for steelhead, river musky, Northeast saltwater, and much more, but the Depthfinder Big Game Fast Sinking Fly Line is not one that you can take into southern tropical climates without it getting limp.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Designed for large flies and large fish, Airflo gave their Depthfinder Big Game Fast Sinking Fly Line a very aggressive 30ft front taper. With the extra mass on the front of this line, you get the ability to cast large flies more easily and shoot more line with less effort--just what you need on days when casting foot-long flies is the norm. And since this line is made for serious angling in deep water, Airflo gave it a 120ft intermediate running line for longer casts and fighting fish that can really run, as well as the ability to help maintain your desired depth. 


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Best for: Freshwater, Saltwater

Loops: No welded loops

Sinking/Floating: Sinking


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
300gr150ft300gr30ftFull SinkingBlack/Fluor. Orange$109.99
400gr150ft400gr30ftFull SinkingBlack/Olive$109.99
500gr150ft500gr30ftFull SinkingBlack/Dark Green$109.99
700gr150ft700gr30ftFull SinkingBlack/Dark Blue$109.99
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