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Designed for variable tropical conditions and the fish that call these places home, Airflo’s Tropical Punch Floating Fly Line will have you catching everything from large tarpon to spooky permit. A favorite among flats anglers, this fly line has an aggressive front taper and is made with the intention of increasing accuracy whether you’re casting 100 or 30 feet. From fishing an ebbing tide on the Florida Keys to fooling bonefish on the Turneffe Atoll, this is a line that you can trust to handle whatever comes its way.



Super Dri, Ridge Tech, Power Core, and Micro Loop - Made to take on some of the toughest inshore fish around, Airflo equips this line with all of the tech you need to get the job done. Starting with their Super Dri technology, this line is made from a patented polymer that keeps out dirt and other particles while also repelling water to make for long term floating. And to make sure your line shoots far enough to reach those snook under the mangroves, Airflo utilizes their Ridge Tech, which is a set of parallel-running ridges that significantly decrease friction. To add confidence to those long battles with heavy fish, Airflo’s Power Core comes in and increases your line’s strength while decreasing memory--the perfect combo for hard strip sets and strong fish. Coming in a nice sky blue and pale yellow color combo, this line has a stealthy look, while its Micro Loops allow you to make quick casts without fear of your fly line snagging on your guides. 



Streamers, Poppers, and Crustaceans - A line that can handle most fish on the saltwater flats should be able to handle most flies just the same, and Airflo’s Tropical Punch Line is no exception. Whether you want to pop Crease Flies around structure or drum up those spooky bonefish with a crab, this fly line makes it easy to deliver them all. Great for fishing off of a skiff or just wading a flat, this line makes it easy to pick up and recast so you can squeeze every opportunity out of that fleeing school of fish. 



Warm/Tropical - Airflo made their Tropical Punch Fly Line for pursuing saltwater fish in tropical environments. With a temperature rating of 68-100 degrees, you can take this line to most tropical destinations without concern. However, if you drop below the lower temp limit, you’ll find that this fly gains memory and begins to coil. 



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - To meet the demands of a variety of tropical fish and the casts necessary to hook them, Airflo gives this line an aggressive front taper with an over-weighted head and extended rear taper. This adds a degree of stealth and makes it easier to load your rod and increase distance when you need to, but also makes it just as easy to hit those closer targets. This makes it an ideal taper for flats fishing when you’re just not sure where the next pod of fish is going to appear. 


More Info

Best for: Saltwater, Tropical Flats 

Loops: Front welded loop (leader to fly line connection) and back welded loop (backing to fly line connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF11F100ft455gr40.2ftFloatingSky Blue/Yellow$72.00
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WF8F100ft300gr40.2ftFloatingSky Blue/Yellow$72.00
WF9F100ft345gr40.2ftFloatingSky Blue/Yellow$72.00
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