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Westwater Products Thingamabobber

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Westwater Products Thingamabobber Reviews

Floats but not perfect Review by Andy
Posted on 1/18/16
The one thing I like about the Thingamabobber indicators is that they float. I have used them in fast, turbulent water and they always seem to stay on top. The annoying thing about this indicator is the plastic "toothpick" doesn't stay put. If they could redesign this, I would be a much happier angler.
long term fan Review by eq
Posted on 11/30/15
I've used these for many years and for the most part, they work well in a variety of colors and sizes to match your river speed and amount of daylight out and the weight of your rig your throwing. only a couple times did i have a float that started to take on water. but they're good for the price and I'd still recommend them!
Great for big-fast water Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 10/29/14
I really like the biggest ones. (About 1") They are great when working deep/fast/turbulent water. Especially if you are using a switch rod and trying to nymph a seam a bit further away. The medium are just OK for basic trout work. The small, well...no thanks.
Great strike indicator Review by Patrick
Posted on 10/10/14
Best indicator I have used. Moving the indicator up and down on the tippet is relatively easy. I have never had an kinks left on my leader by these indicators. Very visible in the water and I have never had a problem with these not floating. I tend to use the smallest size and they handle all my weighted flies just fine. The best ones are the ones with the plug (smallest two) makes adjustments on the leader much easier.
It works... Sometimes Review by Wayne
Posted on 10/10/14
Floats well, super durable, very easy to see, and doesn't effect my cast much. However, I don't like that it kinks my line or that it tends to slide down the line when on the thinner end of my tapered leader.
Works but a little heavy Review by Mike
Posted on 3/21/13
Seems a little heavy to cast. I use the foam stick-ons mostly. I think it is easier to tear one of those off and install a new one than it is to loosen the loop on these to move them on a leader.
Works Good Review by Mike
Posted on 2/12/13
I really like this indicator but will continue looking for a better one. This is probably the best out there but I keep hoping someone comes up with something that doesn't kink my leader.
Great Strike Indicator Review by adam
Posted on 11/22/12
This is probably the best indicator I have ever used for drifting in rivers and streams. The various sizes make them very useful. They're easy to tie on your leader and are very sensitive to a bite. One big advantage this strike indicator has over yarn strike indicators is that it never gets water logged like the yarn indicators. This gets annoying in my opinion. You also don't need to use toothpicks like other types of indicators. I have friends that complain the bobber leaves kinks in the leader but I have not had this problem.

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