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  1. Cortland Tippet Rings
  2. Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor
  3. Rio Tippet Rings 10-Pack
  4. Loon Rogue Nippers
  5. Hatch Nipper 3
  6. Simms Pro Nipper
  7. Dr. Slick Offset Nippers
  8. Loon Rogue Zinger
  9. Loon Classic Nipper
  10. Dr. Slick Pin-On-Reel
  11. Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor
  12. Dr. Slick Clip-On-Reel
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  13. Loon Iconic Tool Kit
  14. Loon Essentials Kit
  15. Simms Freestone Nipper
  16. Loon Quickdraw Tool Tether
  17. Loon Magnetic Net Release
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    Abel Nipper
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Nippers are an important tool in fly fishing. Whenever you’re building a leader, tying on tippet, or tying on flies, excess monofilament needs to get trimmed. Nippers are a small clipping device used to trim excess line. Building a double nymph rig? You’re going to need a pair of nippers. Tying in your favorite streamer? Clip the excess line with a pair of nippers. Nippers come in a variety of sizes and styles for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, and everything in between. Choose a heavy-duty pair of nippers for clipping thicker line or a lightweight pair for trout applications when light tippet is used. Regardless of how you fish, nippers are extremely important for building leaders, rigs, and flies efficiently. 


If you’re searching for simple nippers, Loon makes some small, lightweight products that are efficient and reasonably priced. The Loon Rogue Nippers, for example, features a simple nipper model with a sharp blade that’ll slice through tippet and improve efficiency on the water. These are great for trout fishing, bass fishing, and other freshwater applications. They’re made with a stealthy matte black rust-resistant finish and come with an unconditional guarantee. Other nippers from Loon include the Loon Classic Nipper w/ Comfy grip, a simple nipper with the iconic Loon yellow comfy grip handle. 


If you’re looking for a more serious nipper, check out the Hatch Nippers and the Abel Nippers. The Hatch Nippers are crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum and protected with a type II anodizing for ultimate durability and reliability. The replaceable cutters are made from Tungsten Carbide for abrasion-resistance and the ability to replace the cutters when they dull. Similarly, the Abel Nippers have an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body construction, replaceable jaws, and expert machining for an industry-standard that’s seriously tough to beat. 


Other nippers and cutters include the Creek Company Nip and Knot Tool, the Hareline Nippers, and the Orvis Fly Fishing Nippers. These are all great products and offer a wide range of performance, features, and price ranges. This category also includes zingers, a device to attach your nippers to your vest or pack for easy access on the water. Zingers also come in a lot of different styles - some retractable, some elastic, and others that are just simple attachments. 


One of the largest names in the zinger game is Dr. Slick. Among other products, Dr. Slick makes a few different types of zingers to keep your nippers safe and secure on the water. Dr. Slick makes some traditional clip-on and pin-on zingers that easily attach to nippers and retract when released. These small zingers attach to a vest or pack with a safety pin and feature a simple metal reel with a wire zinger. 


Of course, we carry a bunch of other zinger and nippers including Fishpond, Stonfo, Simms, and many more. Don’t go out on the water this season without a durable pair of nippers and a solid zinger to keep them safe on the water. 

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