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  1. Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net
    $159.95 - $179.95
  2. Smith Creek Net Leash
  3. Fishpond Nomad Hand Net
  4. Fishpond Nomad Canyon Net
  5. Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Keeper
  6. Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net
    $19.95 - $34.95
  7. Orvis Wide Mouth Hand Net
  8. Orvis Wide Mouth Guide Net
  9. Fishpond Nomad Native Net
  10. Out of stock
    Fishpond Net Holster
  11. Out of stock
    Simms Small Daymaker Landing Net
  12. Out of stock
    Fishpond Nomad Net End Cap
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Nets are an important piece of gear in freshwater fly fishing. Hooking the fish and fighting it can be difficult but landing it, handling it properly, and safely releasing it is equally as important. Nets are most commonly used when targeting trout in a river setting but can also be used on lakes, for bass, and in a variety of other situations. We carry a wide selection of Fishpond nets and other net accessories to make landing fish safe and easy. 


One of our most popular small water nets is the Fishpond Nomad Hand Net. This particular model is built with a carbon fiber/fiberglass composite material for increased durability on the water. It’s small enough to attach to a pack or vest for easy carrying capabilities and comes with a clear rubber net bag. The basket is deep enough to scoop fish of any size and this is a great net for wading trout rivers or targeting fish out of a drift boat. Like all Fishpond nets, it also floats which is convenient if you should drop it on the water. These nets are high-quality and designed with the utmost attention to detail. 


Similarly, the Nomad Hand Net’s cousin, the Nomad Native Net, is another great option for safely landing and releasing fish. The Nomad Native features an elongated basket for improved scooping capabilities. It’s built on the same frame and comes with the same clear rubber bag as all Fishpond nets. The result is a lightweight and durable net that will last a lifetime on the river. These nets also have replaceable baskets so if you wear one out simply buy a replacement kit from Fishpond and you’re back on the water. 


If you’re looking for something a little larger, the Fishpond-Nomad Emerger net has a longer handle and a slightly larger bag for larger fish and a longer reach. These nets come in a variety of colors and feature a RiverKoat finish for ultimate gripping capabilities when wet. They’re waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. The Fishpond collection of nets is one of the most widely used in fly fishing and for good reason. 


If you’re looking for a way to attach your net to your vest or pack, check out the Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Keeper. This powerful magnetic holder keeps your net secure and allows easy access while you’re on the water. It’s built on an extra-long full-swivel lanyard that allows you to use it to net fish without having to unclip it. For those hard to reach fish, simply pull the net from the magnetic holder and return it when you’re done. 


Similarly, Smith Creek makes a nice Net Leash. Smith Creek’s leash is simpler with a clasp for easy removal and storage. This leash is great if you just need a simple attachment that doesn’t have magnetic capabilities. Built to be worn on a wading belt, this keeps your net handy for the times when you need it most. 


If you’re in the market for a new net or just need some attachments, we’ve got a thorough selection including Fishpond, Smith Creek, and more. 

There's nothing more important for landing that trophy fish of a lifetime than a good net. We've got you covered with top brands. FREE SHIPPING. Shop Now!