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  1. Simms Pro Nipper
  2. Loon UV Bench Light
  3. Guides Choice Fish Release
  4. Trouthunter Tippet Post
  5. Simms Freestone Nipper
  6. Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder 2.0
  7. Smith Creek Rod Clip
  8. Loon Line Up Kit
  9. Dr. Slick Hook File
  10. Loon Hooks Hone
  11. Smith Creek Net Holster
  12. Hat Eyes Glasses
  13. Smith Creek Net Leash
  14. Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Keeper
  15. Stonfo Joint Rings
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  16. Abel Nippers
  17. Loon Iconic Tool Kit
  18. Hareline Leather Amadou Fly Dryer
  19. Loon Amadou Patch
  20. Loon Apex Lip Gripper
  21. Stonfo Magnetic Net Leash
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Tools and gadgets are a great way to make the most out of your time on the water. Any angler who has been fishing for a while knows the feeling of being out on the water and wishing you had that one specific tool. Or maybe you’re not sure which tool you need but you’ve run into problems on the water in the past. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This subcategory is sort of a catch-all for the tools and gadgets that are important in fly fishing. Whether you’re looking for a 3rd Hand Rod Holder so you can quickly clip your rod to your hip, or a Tie-Fast Knot Tyer to help you with your nail knots, we carry a host of tools that’ll help make fishing easier and more enjoyable. These tools are high-quality and are manufactured by the top brands in fly fishing including C&F, Stonfo, Dr. Slick, Fishpond, Smith Creek, and many more. 


We have a few multi-tools that are great for catching two fish with one fly… or something like that. The Hareline Creek Company Walton’s Thumb is a great example of a tool that has many uses. The Walton’s Thumb offers nippers, clippers, a bottle opener, knot tying function, and much more. This tool truly does it all and is a great companion on the river for a host of situations that require a gadget that serves multiple purposes. Another great multi-tool option is the Creek Company Nip and Knot Tool. This tool serves as a pair of nippers and a knot tying tool so you can easily cut tippet and tie nail knots effortlessly. The Tie-Fast Magnum Combo Tool is another great multi-tool option. 


If you’re looking for tool caddies, we have a few of those, too. Loon makes a few different caddy options for carrying dry shake, floatant, and more. The Loon Medium Caddy allows you to clip your dry shake to your vest or pack for easy access when you need it most. If you want to keep floatant and dry shake in the same caddy, the Loon Large Double Caddy offers two different compartments for gel and shake. The Loon Bottoms Up Caddy is another caddy that holds floatant upside down so you can easily access it and store it on your vest. 


If you need hemostats or clamps, we have a solid offering of those, too. The Loon Classic Mitten Scissor Clamps are a simple clamp that fits comfortably in hand and allows you to safely remove a hook from the mouth of a fish or pinch down your barbs. The Dr. Slick XBC Standard Clamp offers a slightly different design but a similar performance. These clamps also feature a hook eye cleaning pin and a striated jaw. 


Plus, we carry a variety of other tools and gadgets, as well. The Smith Creek Net Holster is a great way to keep your net attached to your wading belt. The Smith Creek Rod Clip is an awesome way to hold your rod when netting and releasing a fish. Bobbin threaders, joint rings, rod holders, and even Hareline Hat Eyes Glasses can be found right here in our large selection of the most relevant fly fishing tools.

Like all of the products we carry at Trident, these tools come with a price match guarantee so you can always be sure you’re receiving the best prices for the industry’s top tools. We also have one of the lowest order minimums for free shipping in fly fishing so you can receive the products you need in a timely manner for the lowest price. 

FREE SHIPPING on fly fishing tools. From knot tiers to thermometers, fly fishermen have been coming up with great innovations to help you catch more fish. Shop Now!