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Lanyards are a popular tool in freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. Lanyards are a great way to keep necessary tools readily available on the water. If you’re rowing a drift boat and need your nippers but don’t have time to dig into your boat box to find them, a lanyard can provide easy access to forceps, nippers, and other tools. Lanyards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of angler needs from multi-tool lanyards to nipper lanyards and everything in between. 


If you’re an angler who likes to have a lot of tools around your neck, the C&F Fly Fishing Lanyard offers room for up to 8 tools. This lanyard is built on a swivel-based system so you can easily attach and detach necessary tools. This lanyard is long and durable for performance that lasts in a variety of conditions and scenarios. Another popular lanyard we carry is the Abel Nipper Lanyard. This lanyard is specially designed for nippers and is different from the C&F Fly Fishing Lanyard in that it only accommodates one tool. This single-tool necklace is strong, lightweight, and built on a paracord nylon rope. Abel is known for making products that are incredibly durable and hugely practical and this lanyard is no different.


Wingo also makes a simple, single-tool lanyard that’s made to hold scissors, nippers, keys, forceps, or whatever else you could possibly need on the water. The side-release buckle has a durable trigger snap hook attachment that allows you to easily clip and unclip tools at a moment’s notice. This lanyard comes in a wide range of patterns including Redfish, Regional, Saltwater, Tarpon, and more. It also comes in a host of different colors for style and performance on the water. Wingo makes a variety of belts, dog collars, and fish print artwork and tools for the avid angler. 


Abel also makes a plier lanyard that easily attaches to saltwater pliers so you can hook them onto your belt or connect them to a sheath for usability and safety on the water. Pliers can be expensive so it’s worth buying a lanyard to protect that investment. A lanyard also allows easy access so you can use your pliers when you need them and forget about them when you don’t. 


Many of the tools we carry also come with a lanyard specific to that tool. The Dr. Slick Mitten Clamps, for example, come with a small lanyard that can easily be clipped to a pack or a vest so you can be sure your tools don’t disappear on the water. Similarly, the Dr. Slick Miten Scissor Clamps come with the same attachment. Dr. Slick also makes a magnetic net keeper than can qualify as a lanyard which is great for attaching your landing net to a vest or pack. The Magnetic Net Keeper secures your net with a strong magnetic and allows you to pull it off of your back when you need to land a fish. 


Regardless of what kind of lanyard you’re looking for, we have a solid selection including single-tool and multi-tool options. We carry the top products from the top manufacturers and offer a price match guarantee so you can always be sure you’re getting the very best prices.  

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