Rio Directcore Flats Pro Stealthtip Fly Line

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The Very Best Flats Line On The Market— Perfect For Bones, Perms And Poons With Low Stretch Performance, And A 6Ft Clear Intermediate Tip. Conquer the flats with RIO’s FLATS PRO tropical saltwater line. This line has a mid length head and long rear taper for smooth, effortless loops, and a weight distribution that provide perfect presentations of just about any fly you are likely to use. The no-memory, easy to straighten, low stretch “DirectCore” is effortless to stretch out, lies completely straight on the water and gives unprecedented hook sets, while reducing the fight time. In addition, the hard, tropical coating stops the line from wilting in the heat, and ensures the line shoots with exceptional ease.There are four different density optionsavailable that ensures any angler fishing theflats is covered for all conditions and species.The options available are:F – A full floating lineF/I StealthTip – A full floating line witha 6ft clear intermediate tip - essentially afloating line with a really short, clear tip forthe ultimate in stealth.F/I – A floating line with a 15ft clearintermediate tip – perfect for getting the flydown in deeper flatsI – A full intermediate sinking tropicalsaltwater lineThe core strength of this line is as follows: WF6 - WF7 = 30lb WF8 - WF9 = 40lb WF10 - WF12 = 50lb


  • Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water
  • Low-stretch “DirectCore” for hard, solid strip sets
  • 6ft clear intermediate tip for stealth
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Specs
    Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
    WF10F/I 100ft (30.5m) 330gr (21.4gm) 38ft (11.5m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF11F/I 100ft (30.5m) 380gr (24.7gm) 39ft (11.8m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF12F/I 100ft (30.5m) 430gr (27.9gm) 39ft (11.8m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF6F/I 100ft (30.5m) 185gr (12gm) 37ft (11.2m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF7F/I 100ft (30.5m) 210gr (13.6gm) 37ft (11.2m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF8F/I 100ft (30.5m) 240gr (15.6gm) 37ft (11.2m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
    WF9F/I 100ft (30.5m) 280gr (18.2gm) 38ft (11.5m) Floating/1.5 ips Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand $119.99
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