NEW Redington Path Combo 9ft 5wt Fly Rod (590-4)

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Condition: 10

This item is used. It is sold AS-IS. Please review our Used Tackle Return Policy for more information.



Does this rod come with a warranty?
No. While most rods come with a lifetime warranty, it is for the original owner only. Any repairs will be at the discretion of the manufacturer and you should contact them if you have questions.

Does this rod come with... ?
The rod comes with all of the accessories pictured, nothing more, nothing less. If you see a tube, you will receive a tube. If you see a sock, you will receive a sock.

Is this a factory built rod?
Yes, unless otherwise noted, the rod was built at the factory (to the best of our knowledge). From time to time we do get custom built rods, they will be noted as "Custom" in the listing.

What's the serial number?
We don't publish serial numbers on any of our rods, new or used as it's very time-consuming. Please see "Is this a factory built rod?" if you're worried about authenticity.

Are these photos of the actual rod?
YES! These are photos of the exact rod you will receive if you win the auction.



How we grade used fly rods:

10 – Like New. This rod will be essentially indistinguishable from a new rod. It may have corker that’s a little darker, but it will be no different than a rod that’s on a fly shop floor that people have picked up and cast a few times.

9 – Almost new. This is a rod that’s been out fishing a few times. It will have a darker cork than new and may have some minor imperfections in the blank such as a small number of short, light scratches.

8 – Excellent. This is a great looking rod. Think of this as a rod that’s been used lightly for a season. The cork has started to look worn in, the blank has some scratches on it from the drift boat, rocks, clouser minnows, etc. The scratches in the blank and/or reel seat will be more obvious and frequent. There may be very small cracks in the epoxy, but they would only be something that you would detect if you really went over the rod with a fine tooth comb.

7 – Very Good. A used rod. It’s seen 30+ days on the water. The cork will be worn in at this point and may be rather dark. It could also be missing some small filler. The blank may have scratches that are easily visible and some of the small damage that is deeper than the paint. There may be some minor damage to the epoxy. These rods are still fishable and will have little serious damage to speak of.

6 – Good. A well-used rod. These rods have seen many seasons on the water. The cork will be very worn in and will be rather dark. Expect missing cork filler. The blank may have many scratches and some could be ‘more than skin deep’. Expect some epoxy damage and/or bent guides. These are rods that are in good working order, but are definitely not pretty.

5 and below – We see very few of these rods. They will have major issues and will likely need to be repaired before use. Please read the description carefully.

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