TroutHunter Nylon Tippet

  • Twice coated for maximum knot strength and water repellency.
  • Remarkable strength-to-diameter ratio.
  • Optimal blend of suppleness and elasticity.
  • 50 meter spools afford anglers superior material at a low per meter price.
  • Proprietary misty brown polycarbonate large arbor spool. Designed for low material memory and easy handling in a stackable, compact, durable design.
  • Premium rubber tippet tender is long lasting, smooth and water repellant. Unique colors for each diameter allow for quick identification of size.
  • Exclusive U.V. resistant, waterproof packaging ensures that the product is of maximum strength when purchased.
  • 0X-8X
  • 4.5X
  • 5.5X
  • 6.5X

TroutHunter Nylon Tippet 4

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TroutHunter Nylon Tippet Reviews

My new favorite Review by Colt
Posted on 10/26/16
I use the trout hunter tippet in nylon and fluorocarbon. It seems stronger than most other tippets and the value is a litlle better. Reason being is its a 50m spool so comes with more line than other brands. The tippet always comes out of the spool very straight which is wonderful. Very strong knot strength as well. I have gotten to really like the half size spools as well especially when using tandem dry fly rigs.
Worth the extra money Review by Daniel
Posted on 1/28/16
I've bought cheaper tippet but I really like this stuff. It's very supple which I think aids in life like presentation. I also think it knots really well. I didn't expect a difference in tying knots - I don't know if the suppleness is what makes the difference - but I have found it easier to tie on the water. The spools come with good elastic to keep sunlight off the nylon so it lasts longer. My only criticism is that the spools are oversize and my old tippet holder doesn't do a good job with them.

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Leader Material Length Size Leader Test Diameter Price  
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 0x 14lb 6.4kg .011in .285mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 1x 12.5lb 5.7kg .010in .260mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 2x 10lb 4.5kg .009in .235mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 3x 8.2lb 3.7kg .008in .205mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 4x 6.9lb 3.1kg .007in .185mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 4.5x 5.7lb 2.6kg .0065in .165mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 5x 4.6lb 2.1kg .006in .148mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 5.5x 4.0lb 1.8kg .0055in .138mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 6x 3.3lb 1.5kg .005in .128mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 6.5x 2.7lb 1.2kg .0045in .117mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 7x 2.2lb 1.0kg .004in .104mm $6.95
Nylon 50M/54.7yd 8x 1.8lb 0.8kg .0035in .090mm $6.95
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