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Do you need to put your fly on the nose of a bonefish 100' away? Then this is the rod for you. The Sage Xi3 fly rod feels effortless to cast and is extremely accurate. This is partly due to Sage's SaltH2O Technology, which provides an unprecedented level of torque and torsion control for excellent tracking and efficient loading. The result is less wasted effort, no matter what distance you're casting.

The rod is available with line weights ranging from 5 to 14. The 10-weight makes an excellent tarpon rod, or choose the 8-weight for Bonefish, Snook, and Atlantic salmon.

The Sage Xi3 fly rod is also designed to be durable in all weather conditions. The company's proprietary resin combines with the SaltH20 layer for maximum strength, and a rod that's durable even in hot climates.

Other features include oversized snake guides to allow for easy line movement, and chrome plated ceramic inserts for extra durability and minimum line wear. The rod also has an EVA fighting butt, anodized reel seat and heavy-knurled lock rings. A black rod bag and aluminum tube is also included.

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Sage Xi3 Fly Rod - DISCONTINUED Reviews

Saltwater specialist Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 3/16/15
I have this rod in the 8wt. I really like it. The rod has quite a bit of power to get large flies out to fish quick.

The rod is light, but not as light as more modern rods. Though, with all the salt specific goodies it still is respectable. The rod is fast, but I did not find it too fast at all. Short casts can be a little challenging. On my floating line I did not overline it. I user the 8wt Orvis Saltwater. For a sinking line, go with an outbound short or similar, so slightly over weight.

The rod has held up well over several years.

One last note, I would not plan on using this stick as a freshwater rod, it just won't help with lighter tippet. I think of it more as a Saltwater rod that "could" be used as a freshwater backup.
Great casting rod, but delicate Review by Kurt
Posted on 1/19/15
Let me just start by saying I own 3 of these rods in 9wt and 8wt. I use them to fish for Stripers , Bones,Permit or anything else I can find in the sea. They are stiff and can cast heavy sinking lines and heavy flies into strong winds.
The Xi3's strong point for me is its stiffness and fast action. I use these rods for fishing on windy days in the Bahamas. They aren't as good at finessing a fly on calm days but when I need to cut through the wind these rods are the best.
They are great for Striper fishing too. I never have to worry about pulling up larger fish from deep runs these rods have plenty of backbone.

My only complaint if you want to call it that is I have broken a few of them. admittedly I am tough on gear but I find you need to take extra care with these rods . I think by making them so light Sage has made a delicate rod.
Thank god they stand by there warranty and they are quick with the turn around.
At their present price these rods are a great deal.
Definitely grab one and try it yourself!
Tight Lines
Awesome Review by Kyle
Posted on 10/17/14
I have a the 8wt model and fish it off the surf. Picks up line quickly and is really accurate. Super tough finish. This rod is extremely light weighing less than my 6 weight. Fantastic stick
Xi3 11wt Review by Troy
Posted on 10/15/14
Bought this rod for a different reason than most would... musky. I spend a large amount of time in the fall/winter/spring musky fishing both for myself and guiding. This rod has to be the best musky rod out. Extremely powerful and throws a 12" bucktail streamer like a dry fly. What makes this a great musky rod though is the stiff tip. When executing the figure eight, you can get maximum speed on your turns because the tip does not flex and drag in the water but instead cuts right through it. This results in more fish hooked up. The powerful butt section is also nice when that 40"+ fish decides to play :) I've cast all of the so called "predator/big game/saltwater" type fly rods out, but this one takes the cake. Overall, a BEAST of a musky rod.
Great Fly Rod - Great Deal Review by Andy C
Posted on 10/10/14
I was looking for a fly rod to take to the Bahamas in a small airplane. This 4 piece Sage fits in the airplane great and is a great casting fly rod in the wind as well.

To top it off Trident's price beat everyone (online and in store clearance pricing) by a long way!
terrific Review by mark
Posted on 10/10/14
having fished the XI3 9 weight in the surf for the past few years I recently purchased an 8 wt for the back bays. It is everything I was expecting from Sage. Great job turning over popping flies and gurgles while fishing for stripers. Lots of backbone while fighting these strong fish in shallow water
great saltwater fly rod Review by chu
Posted on 7/25/14
I just got the sage Xi3, 12 weight 9 foot, 4 piece fly rod and I like it very much. I don't have a chance to fish with it yet, but I strung it up with leader and fly and made several casts with it. It is light in weight and powerful. I believe this is the best casting rod I have ever used.
Awesome Saltwater Rod Review by Nushagak
Posted on 2/12/13
I recently borrowed a friend's 10 wt Sage XI3 Fly Rod as a backup permit/small tarpon rod for a trip to Honduras. I own a really nice 10 wt. Loomis that I took along to use as my primary permit rod, but just in case I blew it up on a big fish or stuck the tip in a ceiling fan early in the trip, I had my buddies Sage as emergency backup. I love my Loomis, but once I strung up the Sage and tested it out in the wind with a crab fly, I fished my buddies Sage the rest of the trip. The Sage rod is light, casts smooth at short, medium and long distances, cuts the wind with a crisp stroke and delivery. I'm no pro-caster, but I was able to drop crab fly's right in the money at 50' in stout winds.. Full disclosure - I didn't come tight with Mr Rubberlips, but I did get the attention of numerous permit that moved in and took a long look at the presentation.... A few perms even dug their heads in the turtle grass like they were going to munch the fly, but I failed to execute. I highly recommend this rod, and plan to add it to my quiver. I suggest anyone in need of a top quality 10 wt. do the same.

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