Redington Predator Fly Rod

  • Robust fly rod that can handle large flies in testing saltwater conditions
  • Excellent performance for an affordable price
  • Fast action
  • Ample power for fighting big catches
  • Ideal for fishing from canoes, kayaks or close to banks

The Redington Predator fly rod is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Redington Predator Rods

The Redington Predator fly rod is the ideal option if you need a durable, powerful saltwater rod for a reasonable price. It has enough power to pick up line and fight big fish, but remains lightweight due to the rod's high modulus construction. When it comes to value for money, there are few saltwater rods that can compete with the Redington Predator.

The Redington Predator is a fast action fly rod that's built for catching large fish. The butt section is designed with carbon fiber weave, which increases the rod's durability and gives you that extra power when fighting a catch. There are also three different fighting butts available, depending on the line weight, letting you match the rod with your chosen application.

Despite its relatively low cost, the Redington Predator fly rod is still a pleasure to cast. Whether you're fishing from kayaks, in deep brush or on a tight bank, the Predator is up to the job.

Redington Predator fly rods are available with line weights from 3 to 14. Rods with 3- to 11-weights come with full-wells grips, while the 12- and 14-weight models include a foregrip.

Other features of the Redington Predator fly rod include Gunsmoke stripping and snake guides, and an anodized aluminum reel seat. All components are designed to handle tough saltwater conditions. Redington Predator fly rods are also built with oversized guides, letting you shoot line that little bit further. The rod comes with alignment dots, making it easy to setup, and a fabric storage tube.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Action Fast
Grip Type Single Handed
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Redington Predator Fly Rod Reviews

Good Multi-Species Rod Review by David
Posted on 11/27/15
I use the 8wt version of this rod on everything from bass to carp to Great Lakes steelhead. First off, I am blown away by how durable this rod is. I've always been tough on rods (and somewhat careless) but this rod has been put through it's paces and it still feels new. You don't have to worry at all about breaking this thing!
The action on this rod is fast but not too fast. Therefore, it can do a lot of things well but doesn't specialize in doing one thing great. For example, it's not the most powerful rod so you're not going to make the longest cast on the water. Also, its solid but not spectacular when it comes to presentation. Other than that, it's a dependable rod in a variety of conditions.
Must purchase Review by Patrick
Posted on 10/10/14
At the price point this rod is great! I own the 8 wt and my brother owns an 8wt and 10wt. I use the 8 for saltwater fishing and it has held up great. Brother used the 10 wt for musky. Neither one of us have ever had a problem with it. The rod casts very well and has enough backbone to fight almost any fish you will hook up with. I would recommend this rod to anyone looking for something heavy duty enough for saltwater fishing or musky (can't speak to the lower wts but I am sure they are just as good!)

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Redington Predator 6710-4 Full Wells 7'10'' 6 Fast 3.8 $249.95
Redington Predator 6710-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 690-4 Full Wells 9' 6 Fast 3.8 $249.95
Redington Predator 690-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 790-4 Full Wells 9' 7 Fast 3.9 $249.95
Redington Predator 790-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 8710-4 Full Wells 7'10'' 8 Fast 4.0 $249.95
Redington Predator 8710-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 890-4 Full Wells 9' 8 Fast 4.1 $249.95
Redington Predator 890-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 990-4 Full Wells 9' 9 Fast 4.2 $249.95
Redington Predator 990-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 1090-4 Full Wells 9' 10 Fast 4.5 $249.95
Redington Predator 1090-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 1190-4 Full Wells 9' 11 Fast 5.3 $249.95
Redington Predator 1190-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 1290-4 FFW 9' 12 Fast 5.5 $249.95
Redington Predator 1290-4 Fly Rod
Redington Predator 1480-4 FFW 8' 14 Fast 5.6 $249.95
Redington Predator 1480-4 Fly Rod
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