Simms Headwaters Sling Pack

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Simms Headwaters Sling Pack

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Simms Headwaters Sling Pack Reviews

Great Bag with One Defect (for short people) Review by Joe
Posted on 12/1/15
This is not necessarily a knock or problem with this particular bag, but all "Sling" style bags...minus the Orvis Gale Force and Patagonia Stormfront Sling.

I am short (5'7") and the problem I run in to with sling-style bags is that even with all of the straps pulled to their max, the bag, when wading in deeper water dips/submerges in to the water.

The only two bags I have found that 100% waterproof and can be submerged were the aforementioned Orvis and Patagonia. Fishpond does make one as well, but it is not technically 100% waterproof, but very close.

I wish the bottom section of this bag was more waterproof, for everything else on this bag is perfect...the storage size and accessibility, the fold down "workstation" and general quality/comfort.

I realize that I probably should not be wading in water that deep; however, sometimes you need to move along the river, or if you are unfamiliar with some watersheds, you at times get yourself a bit deeper than expected.

I realize the problem is my height (or lack thereof), but nothing is worse than having water inside your pack, particularly if it gets in to your fly box.
Good pack, but not petfect Review by SW
Posted on 11/9/15
I bought this to use on a long weekend trip to the upper CT in northern NH. I norally use a very small chest pack and needed something bigger for multiple full days on the river. This pack is good, it holds a lot of gear, but I didn't love it. It never seemed to ride right on my back. In front it always felt too high up. The velcro does not feel strong enough to trust anything attached on the outside. I did like the magnets under the forceps stays in front and the tray, but wished there was a fly patch on the inside of the tray; I fashioned my own, kind of bush-league, though. Overall it is a good sling pack.
Great design Review by Khuong
Posted on 7/19/15
I have been using this pack for a couple months now and I still like it very much.
The zippers have stiff rings making it easy to open/close with one finger, this will be helpful in cold weather when you have problems gripping items with frozen fingers. Pockets have nice solid tabs to ease sliding in fly boxes. I especially like the stiff outer box that serves as a tray of sort, stores my tippets spool, a fly box, leaders and indicators. Front of the strap has sleeve and holder for your forceps and other tools. A lot of thoughts and research went into the design, highly recommended!
Comfortable and Fits Essential Gear Review by Shaun
Posted on 6/22/15
I bought the smaller of the two Simms Headwater Sling Packs because I chronically bring more gear than necessary. This smaller pack forced me to bring less gear, but still comfortably fit a jacket, a couple of nymph/dry fly boxes or a streamer box, spare spool, and still left room for the important items like a flask. The small fold down pocket on the outside is great for tippet/leader/floatant storage, and the zinger holders make easy storage/access for nippers and forceps. The pack sits very comfortably on the shoulder, and once I got used to a sling pack, I use it all day and never know its there. Great product well worth the money.

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