Rio Powerspey Fly Line

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The PowerSpey is a long belly Spey line designed for big rivers and long spey rods. The rear weight distribution and long front tapers makes it a joy to cast and allows energy to unroll effortlessly to the fly - resulting in easy distance and a powerful presentation that will cast larger flies, even while coping with tough winds. The line is built with a slick coating over a supple core that will not tangle, or require stretching in the coldest of conditions. Long head design for large rivers and big rods Powerful front tapers that cope with winds and large flies Loading point marker easily identifies the line's sweet spot Exceptionally neat, strong welded loop for the fastest rigging

Rio Powerspey Fly Line

Weight 0.5
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Line Type N/A
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Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
7/8F 115ft 35m 570 61ft 18.6m Green/Blue Load Point $89.95
8/9F 120ft 36.5m 640 63ft 19.2m Green/Blue Load Point $89.95
9/10F 125ft 38.1m 745 68ft 20.7m Green/Blue Load Point $89.95
10/11F 130ft 39.6m 825 71ft 21.6m Green/Blue Load Point $89.95
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