Scientific Anglers Mastery Steelhead Taper

Floating Specialty Taper Designed to handle big water Ultimate for long distance line control Longer head for increased shooting distance Rear taper gives superior mending and roll casting out to 70 feet Remains supple in cold climates Optimized to turn over big flies Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery

Scientific Anglers Mastery Steelhead Taper

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Ship Days in 3-5 days
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Scientific Anglers Mastery Steelhead Taper Reviews

A Great Line but Very Specific Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
I used this line for my 8 weight when I went steelheading in Northern Wisconsin. It's a great line and will turn over big nymph rigs with ease. If you are just steelheading or have this line on an extra spool, it's great. However, if you were to choose one all-around line, this one wouldn't be it for me. It does not perform well in warmer water lakes. If you like bass, northern or carp in the summer don't use this line. It all depends on what type you fishing you do and if you have an extra spool for your reel.

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