Scientific Anglers Mastery Pike/Muskie Taper

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Floating Specialty Taper "Big gun" line delivers huge muskie flies without sacrificing control and accuracy. Optimized for cool/warm pike and muskie waters Large tip diameter and short front taper handles windy conditions Short front head reduces false casts The short head increases line, fly and accuracy control Large diameter for maximum floatation Braided multifilament core, very low stiffness, very strong delivery

Scientific Anglers Mastery Pike/Muskie Taper


Weight N/A
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Base Image /s/c/scientific-anglers-mastery-pike-muskie-taper-line-1_3.jpg
Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
0 Floating Sunset $69.95
WF9F 0 Floating Sunset $69.95
0 Floating Sunset $69.95