Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX

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Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX

Floating Specialty Taper Half-size heavy, performs well with fast action rods Front tip section has improved floatation (Dry Tip Technology) Taper designed to throw a variety of fly sizes Optimized for cold to temperate water Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
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Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Reviews

SA GPX Review by Robert
Posted on 3/4/16
Cast long and turns over long leaders well.
Good searching line and larger dry fly applications, streamer/nymph works well also
Good line for fast rods 1/2 size heavy also for new casters easy
Great line, great price! Review by EQ
Posted on 11/30/15
I've got this line, Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX, on my 6 weight rod and it works great! It is rated at a half weight heavier than your normal line and works great for loading the rod and for throwing heavy double nymph rigs. highly recommended! Just ordered some for my new Helios 2!
A Great Buy at Current Price Review by John E
Posted on 11/17/15
Scientific Angler Mastery GPX is a great all purpose fly line. Every once and a while manufacturers feel the need to invent a new model, supposedly better than the last. We then must have the "best and newest". This line is as good as it ever was. The WF 3 and 4 would be hard to beat for my needs and can be picked up at bargain basement prices.
GPX Can't Fail Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
If you have a fast action rod, this is the line for you. I use this line on both my 3 and 6 weights and it's perfect. The extra line weight really loads your rod and lets you throw beautiful, tight loops. I fish this both on trout streams and lakes and the line has no problem in Minnesota's warmer lakes. It will also handle a wide variety of flies: nymphs, dries and big bass flies with ease. There are few guarantees in fly fishing but the GPX is one.
A perfect Review by Salem
Posted on 6/28/15
This fly line is perfectly associated with my fishing rod "Hardy Zenith". The line is exceptional and is fully adapted to actual fishing rods with fast action. Recent rods require more a fly line with 0.5 weight more than the line of the rod. My rod loads well with it : at short, middle or long distance, the accuracy is perfect. The line floats very well. I bought this line in Chartreuse color and it's very flashy.
Great line Review by patrick
Posted on 4/14/15
First time using this line and wow, it is great. Loads great on my Hardy Zenith and casts so easily.
Best All Around Fly Line Review by adam
Posted on 11/22/12
This line casts beautifully and loads my rod as it should. I usually tie my leader to my fly line so the built-in leader loop is not a great addition for me. However, I could see it being convenient for others. The line is extremely easy to manage and shoots easily. I have noticed the tip of the line sinking relatively quickly even though it is supposed to float better than the old GPX line, but no line floats great all the time. In all other regards, this is a wonderful fly line in my opinion. Remember this line is ½ weight heavier than a typical line of this size which works better on my fast action rods.

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