Rio Skagit MOW Light Tips - Replacement Tips

The Light MOW Tips feature T-8, with a sink rate of 7" per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a white floating section or a white sleeve on one end for easy identification. The Light MOW Tips are designed for lightly weighted flies and are ideal for Skagit lines of 475 grains and less. There are six unique tips that make up the series.

Rio Skagit MOW Light Tips - Replacement Tips

Weight 0.5
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Line Type N/A
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Rio Skagit MOW Light Tips - Replacement Tips Reviews

Super convenient Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 10/28/14
I ended up buying the individual tips like this since I didn't need the whole selection. However, unless you are replacing tips or only want 2 or 3 sizes, but the kit.

I use the T-8 on a 6wt switch rod and the T-11 and T-14 with a 7wt spey. I think these are really the most convenient. If you don't have a lot of lines around to make your own, this is the way to go. I can't speak to product life yet as I have only bee using them 2 years so far.

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Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
10ft Float 0 0 10ft 3m White $19.95
5ft T-8/5ft 0 0 10ft 3m Black/White $24.95
7.5ft T-8/2.5ft 0 0 10ft 3m Black/White $24.95
10ft T-8 0 0 10ft 3m 6-7 ips Black $19.95
12.5ft T-8 0 0 12.5ft 3.8m 6-7 ips Black $19.95
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