Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Fly Line

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The Scandi Short VersiTip is an interchangeable tip Scandi head, complete with four interchangeable 10ft tips. The head is a blend of Skagit power and Scandi grace, and anglers can switch between heavy sink tips and MOW tips for throwing big flies, or more tapered "Scandi" tips for presentation situations. It is an extremely easy line to cast and perfect in the tightest of situations, on small rivers or with shorter rods. This 10 ft tips included are floating, clear intermediate, type 3 sink (3-4 ips) and type 6 (6-7 ips). Long front tapers that form tight loops and give great presentation Easy casting, deep loading design for effortless casts ID printed rear loop for fast head recognition Density Compensation on sink tips

Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Fly Line

Weight 0.5
Ship Days in 3-5 days
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Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
#4 0 275gr 33ft 10m $119.95
#5 0 320gr 33ft 10m $119.95
#6 0 370gr 33ft 10m $119.95
#7 0 425gr 33ft 10m $119.95
#8 0 485gr 33ft 10m $119.95
#9 0 540gr 33ft 10m $119.95
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