Rio Alloy Hard Saltwater Mono Tippet
An Ultra Hard Alloy tippet material that combines phenomenal abrasion resistance with stiffness. Tough saltwater tippet material Ideal for casting the largest of flies and for casting in the toughest of winds Easiest of all hard tippet materials to knot

Rio Alloy Hard Saltwater Mono Tippet


Ship Days in 3-5 days
Backorderable N/A
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Leader Material Length Size Leader Test Diameter Price  
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 8lb 4kg .010in .254mm $4.95
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 10lb 5kg .012in .305mm $4.95
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 12lb 6kg .015in .381mm $4.95
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 20lb 10kg .021in .533mm $4.95
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 25lb 12kg .024in .610mm $4.95
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 30lb 15kg .027in .685mm $4.95
Nylon 110yd/100m 12lb 6kg .015in .381mm $12.95
Nylon 110yd/100m 16lb 8kg .018in .457mm $12.95
Nylon 110yd/100m 20lb 10kg .021in .533mm $12.95