TroutHunter Nylon Leader

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Extruded to exacting standards from the highest quality co-polymers available.
  • Extraordinary precision and unparalleled turnover for the most demanding trout angler.
  • Camouflage olive tint for low visibility. 
  • Exclusive U.V. resistant, waterproof packaging ensures that the product is of maximum strength when purchased.

TroutHunter Nylon Leader


Ship Days in 3-5 days
Weight 0.1
Sink Rate N/A
Base Image /t/r/trouthunter-nylon-leaders-1_17.jpg
Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
10ft/3m 1x 12.5lb 5.7kg .010in .260mm Nylon $4.75
10ft/3m 2x 10lb 4.5kg .009in .235mm Nylon $4.75
10ft/3m 7x 2.2lb 1.0kg .004in .104mm Nylon $4.75
8ft/2.4m 2x 10lb 4.5kg .009in .235mm Nylon $4.75
8ft/2.4m 3x 8.2lb 3.7kg .008in .205mm Nylon $4.75
8ft/2.4m 5x 4.6lb 2.1kg .006in .148mm Nylon $4.75
8ft/2.4m 6x 3.3lb 1.5kg .005in .128mm Nylon $4.75