Rio Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Leaders

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Specifically designed for anadromous species. Leader has a thicker butt of slightly stiffer copolymer for propelling large flies Use with RIOMax Plus or Fluoroflex tippet material

Rio Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Leaders


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Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
9ft/2.7m 8lb 3.6kg .011in .279mm Nylon $4.95
9ft/2.7m 10lb 4.5kg .012in .305mm Nylon $4.95
9ft/2.7m 12lb 5.5kg .014in .356mm Nylon $4.95
9ft/2.7m 16lb 7.3kg .015in .381mm Nylon $4.95
9ft/2.7m 20lb 9.1kg .017in .432mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 6lb 2.7kg .010in .254mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 8lb 3.6kg .011in .279mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 10lb 4.5kg .012in .305mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 12lb 5.5kg .014in .356mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 16lb 7.3kg .015in .381mm Nylon $4.95
12ft/3.7m 20lb 9.1kg .017in .432mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 6lb 2.7kg .010in .254mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 8lb 3.6kg .011in .279mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 10lb 4.5kg .012in .305mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 12lb 5.5kg .014in .356mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 16lb 7.3kg .015in .381mm Nylon $4.95
15ft/4.6m 20lb 9.1kg .017in .432mm Nylon $4.95