Rio Fluoroflex Leaders

RIO Fluoroflex tapered leaders are the solution when a nearly invisible presentation is required for wary fish. 100% fluorocarbon with high abrasion-resistance Excellent knot strength Leaders have a long butt section for easy turnover

Rio Fluoroflex Leaders

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Rio Fluoroflex Leaders Reviews

Great Leader Review by Robert
Posted on 7/31/15
When it comes to fishing trout, RIO is the only line I use. These leaders are no exception. I love the fluorocarbon for an almost invisible line and they last a really long time. I change my leader maybe once a summer when I fish 4-5 weekends a month. I also love their tippet. Go ahead and get this leader and their tippet and you will be set with quality line that won't snap when you hook a huge trout.

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Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
9ft/2.7m 7x 2lb 0.9kg .004in .102mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 6x 3lb 1.4kg .005in .127mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 5x 4lb 1.8kg .006in .152mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 4x 5lb 2.3kg .007in .152mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 3x 6lb 2.7kg .008in .203mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 2x 8lb 3.6kg .009in .229mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 1x 10lb 4.5kg .010in .254mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 0x 12lb 5.5kg .011in .279mm Fluorocarbon $11.99