Lamson Vanquish Fly Reel

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  • Exceptionally smooth drag system
  • Double the torque of Lamson's previous saltwater reels for increased power
  • Conical drag system prevents stick slip
  • Extra durable frame that excels at transmitting large loads
  • Ergonomic handle for extra comfort

The Lamson lifetime warranty is valid for the original owner only.

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Lamson Vanquish Fly Reel


The Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reel provides the power and durability required for serious saltwater fishing. The reel's smooth performance, sturdy frame and attractive appearance make it ideal for tough environments. If you need a large arbor reel that can handle saltwater conditions, the Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reel is definitely an option to consider.

Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reels have one of the smoothest drag systems on the market. The reel also delivers double the torque of previous Lamson models for increased power. This combination of smooth yet powerful performance makes the reel perfect for saltwater fishing. The Vanquish is also designed with a conical drag system to prevent stick slip, even at high line snapping rates.

The exceptional performance of the drag system would be wasted without a strong frame, which is why the Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reel is manufactured with a stiffer structure than previous models. The robust frame provides strength and durability, while transmitting large loads more efficiently. A flush foot also raises the reel's center of mass, allowing for greater accuracy and a more efficient cast.

Other features of the Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reel include a large ergonomic handle, fully sealed drag system and Lamson's "Hard Alox" finish. The foot is also integrated into the frame to provide extra strength compared with traditional designs. Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reels are made with a combination of machined aluminum and stainless steel.
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Model Diameter Weight Arbor Size Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color Price  
Vanquish 10 LT 4.5" 10.1 Large Conical WF10/220 yds 30# 10 Grey $869.00
Vanquish 10 4.5" 10.7 Large Conical WF10/220 yds 30# 10 Grey $869.00
Vanquish 12 LT 4.7" 10.7 Large Conical WF12/175 yds 30# 12 Grey $899.00
Vanquish 12 4.7" 11.1 Large Conical WF12/325 yds 30# 12 Grey $899.00