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Winston fly rods are synonymous with fly fishing. Since its foundation in 1929, the RL Winston Rod Company has been producing some of the finest fly fishing tackle on the market. While a lot has changed in the Winston fly rod lineup since 1929, two thing haven't: 1. A commitment to the best fit and finish of any fly rod in the world, and 2. they are still made right here in the USA.

Winston rods may have started out with Bamboo, but today a Winston rod is a high performance machine. While Winston is perhaps best known for their slower rods, they have produced many fantastic fast action rods of late.

Leading the Winston rod lineup is the Boron IIIx. It's Winston's latest foray into the fast action world. The BIIIx has taken 2nd Place in both the 4- and 5-weight shootouts. The Trident staff particularly likes the 8'6" 4-weight for dry fly fishing. Even faster are the BII-MX and the brand new BIIISX - Winston fly rods built for saltwater and bigger fish. Finally, the BIIt rounds out the marquee Boron line with a softer, more traditional action that is 100% Winston.

Whichever Winston fly rod you choose, from a green stick to the new Passport, know you'll be fishing with one of the best tools on the market today - and certainly one of the prettiest.
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