Are you looking for the ultimate combination of performance and value? Look no further than the TFO BVK. The BVK will outcast many rods at 3 times the price!

Here are just a few of the accolades this rod has earned:
  • 2nd Place in Yellowstone Angler's 8-weight Shootout!
  • 7th Place in the 5-weight Shootout!
  • The personal choice of legendary anglers Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot

Choose the 9' 8-weight BVK for an all-around saltwater rod, or the 9' 5-weight for an all around trout rod.



The TFO BVK fly rod is one of the lightest and most responsive fly rods available on the market today - at any price. In fact, many of our favorite guides keep the TFO BVK as a backup - but end up fishing them as their primary rod. New materials have allowed the rod designers at Temple Fork Outfitters to create fast-action fly rod that maintains a smooth feel traditionally associated with slower rods.


Built with the highest modulus graphite available, the TFO BVK is not only extremely sensitive, but very lightweight. In fact, the BVK is one of the lightest rods on the market today.


Tactical Series Stripping Guides - the ultimate high performance guides designed to withstand the most rigorous fishing conditions while providing maximum weight savings. The guides feature super hard-chrome anodized, stainless steel inserts pressed into a machined, hard-anodized, stainless steel frame for extreme durability in both fresh and saltwater.

Snake Guides - Each rod is then finished with ultra lightweight, chromium-impregnated, stainless snake guides.

Reel Seat

Dual Uplocking - Designed for bigger game, these rods feature a dual uplocking reel seat, a guide favorite which ensures that your reel will always be secure.

Carbon Fiber insert - an attractive way to finish the rod, the green carbon fiber insert.

Rod Tube

Rod tube not included - like all 4-piece single hand TFO rods, the BVK includes just a rod sock. We highly recommend purchasing TFO's Triangular Rod Tube with your rod. The 5-piece models include a rod tube.


No-Fault Warranty - The BVK is covered by TFO's industry-leading "No-Fault" Lifetime Warranty. It's only $30 for a repair and turnaround time is usually only a few days.

More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: All water, Saltwater, Flats

Grip: Reversed Half-Wells - 3-weight to 9' 6-weight

Full-Wells w/ Fighting Butt - 9' 6-weight to 12-weight

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

Most fly casters will prefer a half-size higher line such as:
Advanced casters may prefer standard lines, such as Rio Gold.

For Saltwater, choose lines based on the species you'll be chasing.

Staff Reviews

Shootouts and Comparison tests

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Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Action Fast
Grip Type Single Handed
Base Image /r/o/rod-tfo-bvk-config-2_9.jpg
Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
TFO BVK 380-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 3 Fast 2.4 $249.95
TFO BVK 380-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 486-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 4 Fast 2.7 $249.95
TFO BVK 486-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 4100-4 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 4 Fast 2.9 $274.95
TFO BVK 4100-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 586-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 5 Fast 2.8 $259.95
TFO BVK 586-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 590-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Fast 2.9 $259.95
TFO BVK 590-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 5100-4 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 5 Fast 3.2 $274.95
TFO BVK 5100-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 690-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Fast 3.0 $259.95
TFO BVK 690-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 690-4 Full Wells 9' 6 Fast 3.2 $279.95
TFO BVK 696-4 Full Wells 9'6'' 6 Fast 3.2 $299.95
TFO BVK 696-4 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 790-4 Full Wells 9' 7 Fast 3.1 $279.95
TFO BVK 796-4 Full Wells 9'6'' 7 Fast 3.5 $299.95
TFO BVK 890-4 Full Wells 9' 8 Fast 3.2 $279.95
TFO BVK 990-4 Full Wells 9' 9 Fast 4.3 $299.95
TFO BVK 1090-4 Full Wells 9' 10 Fast 4.5 $299.95
TFO BVK 590-5 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Fast 3.0 $324.95
TFO BVK 590-5 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 690-5 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Fast 3.2 $324.95
TFO BVK 690-5 Fly Rod
TFO BVK 890-5 Full Wells 9' 8 Fast 3.4 $349.95