Scott G2 Fly Rod

If you stalk big, wary trout with tiny flies, long leaders, and light tippet, look no further for the perfect fishing tool.

G2 rods inspire confidence and fierce loyalty. It comes from knowing exactly where your fly is going to land and from knowing that when you hook that big selective fish on fine tippet, your rod is going to perform to land it.

The G2 combines compound progressive taper designs, multi-modulus lay ups, and thin-walled, natural finish blanks, fit with the finest componentry and craftsmanship.

What does that mean? It means that the last few minutes spent on your hands and knees crawling into position below a big riser won't leave you wondering if 7X tippet is a cruel joke.

The G2, Scott's ultimate presentation tool.

  • X-Core Technology - Enhanced feel, with unequalled stability. X-Core combines the industry's most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.
  • Multi-Modulus Design - Fine tuned flex and recovery.
  • Natural Finish - Naturally stronger, naturally lighter.
  • Scott Hollow Internal Ferrule - A continuous taper and smooth progressive action.
  • ARC - Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.
  • Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

Scott G2 Fly Rod 100

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Scott G2 Fly Rod Reviews

Best presentation rods on the market for the past decade. Review by Colt
Posted on 10/26/16
I have 4 G2 Rods. 5 weights in 8'8'' and 9'. 4 weight in 8'8''. 3 weight in 8'4''. All of them have a sweet progressive action and protect tippet better than any fast action rod on the market. I am able to get nice loops and always have enough power for wherever I am fishing unless the wind is very harsh. I like fishing long leaders when dry fly fishing and these rods turnover better than the Sage Ones, and G Loomis NRX's of the worlds. My next G2 purchase will be an 8'8'' 3 weight for spring creek fishing.
Great Medium Action Dry Fly Rod Review by John E.
Posted on 7/8/16
I recently purchased the Scott G2 884 fly rod. I did a lot of research and yet had a difficult time deciding which rod would be best for me. I settled on the 884 based on its overall excellence with the dry fly, roll casting ability, and versatility. While I feel it could credibly handle hoppers, light streamers, and nymphs, the G2s strength is with delicately cast dry flies under 40 feet.

The G2 is no competition distance casting rod, but has a smooth progressive medium action with a strong butt section and very delicate flexible tip. It has a beautiful retro look and feel and it restores some of the relaxed feeling that originally attracted me to fly fishing. Rio Gold or Rio Trout LT double taper work well. Ben’s blog on fly lines also gives other good options, that I intend to pursue them as well.

On my first outing at a small local lake the bluegill were biting, and I saw the awesome tippet protection and feel this sweet rod provides. I still love my 8-6 4 wt Radian, which is an entirely different animal, but the G2 is worthy of consideration.
Great Rod Review by Frank
Posted on 10/9/14
I have a 9 ft 4 piece G 4 and 6 wt fly rods. I recently bought a 4 piece 6 wt G2 and wasn't disappointed. It's a wonderful med flex rod to cast!

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Scott G2 772/4 Cigar 7'7'' 2 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 772/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 773/4 Cigar 7'7'' 3 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 773/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 774/4 Cigar 7'7'' 4 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 774/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 842/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'4'' 2 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 842/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 843/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'4'' 3 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 843/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 844/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'4'' 4 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 844/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 845/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'4'' 5 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 845/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 883/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'8'' 3 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 883/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 884/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'8'' 4 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 884/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 885/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'8'' 5 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 885/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 904/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 4 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 904/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 905/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 905/4 Fly Rod
Scott G2 906/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Medium-Fast $745.00
Scott G2 906/4 Fly Rod
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