Sage VXP Two Handed Fly Rod

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  • Ideal rod for beginner spey anglers
  • Designed to be casted two handed
  • Capable of rapid line speeds
  • High modulus construction allows for a lightweight design without sacrificing power
  • Super slender shaft also reduces the rod's overall weight
  • Fast action and lively performance

The Sage VXP two handed fly rod is covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner only.

Sage VXP Two Handed  Fly Rod


The Sage VXP two handed fly rod is an easy-to-cast model that's perfect for new spey casters. It features a responsive action that's a pleasure to cast, and a slim design that makes the rod capable of super-fast line speeds. Each rod in the series is built with a different taper, making this one of the most versatile two handed fly rods. Despite the impressive performance of Sage VXP two handed spey rods, the series offers excellent value for money compared to other options.

The Sage VXP two handed fly rod builds on the impressive performance of the previous VT2 series. VXP models provide exceptional power and versatility, and improve on the already popular VT2 rods in a number of ways. With a selection of different tapers and materials available, there's almost certainly a VXP model that suits your requirements.

Sage VXP two handed spey rods are manufactured with a slender shaft. This decreases the weight of the rod, and also allows for greater line speeds. The rod is designed with a smooth feel, resulting in a responsive action that reacts to subtle changes in your cast.

Other features of the Sage VXP two handed spey rod include a fast action and hard chromed snake guides. Line weights from 5-8 are available, and the series can be bought with a variety of different materials and tapers. A rod and reel case, covered with ballistic cloth, is also included.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Action Fast
Flex N/A
Grip Type Double Handed
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