Sage TXL-F Fly Rod

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  • Ultra sensitive rod that's ideal for the tightest, most technical angling situations
  • Perfect for fishing in winding creeks and meandering streams
  • Highly sensitive rod that's built for the smallest flies
  • Medium-fast action
  • 4 piece construction is optimized for efficient power transmission through the rod
  • Lightweight design for comfortable casting all day long
New Sage fly rods are covered by the company's lifetime warranty for the original owner only.

Sage TXL-F Fly Rod


Designed as an ultra sensitive rod, the Sage TXL-F is ideal for fishing with light tippets and small flies. If you love angling in winding creeks, where extra sensitivity is essential, the Sage TXL-F fly rod could be the perfect option.

The increased sensitivity of the Sage TXL-F fly rod is partly due to the company's "Micro Ferrule Technology." This, combined with a design that allows for greater power transmission between the four sections of the rod, makes small adjustments to your cast simple and intuitive. When it comes to increased control and feel, there are few rods that can match the Sage TXL-F.

Line weights from 000 to 4 are available for the Sage TXL-F fly rod. All versions of the rod come with a snug-nose, half-wells grip, and are 7'10'' in length. The only exceptions are variations on the 3- and 4-weight models which feature a slightly shorter design at just 6'10''.

The Sage TXL-F fly rod is designed with a moderate fast action. It's built with Sage's G5 technology, and is a super-lightweight model that's perfect for long fishing trips. The grip is also ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Other features include a bronze anodized reel seat, complete with walnut insert, and a moderate-fast action. A black cloth bag and an aluminum tube are included with the Sage TXL-F fly rod.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Flex N/A
Grip Type Single Handed
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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Sage TXL-F 000710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 000 1.4 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 000710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 00710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 00 1.5 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 00710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 0710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 0 1.6 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 0710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 1710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 1 1.6 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 1710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 2710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 2 1.7 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 2710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 3610-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 6'10'' 3 1.6 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 3610-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 3710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 3 1.8 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 3710-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 4610-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 6'10'' 4 1.7 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 4610-4 Fly Rod
Sage TXL-F 4710-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'10'' 4 1.9 $625.00
Sage TXL-F 4710-4 Fly Rod