Sage One Fly Rod

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  • The #1 choice for casting accuracy
  • Super lightweight - almost a full ounce lighter than the Z-axis
  • Sage's famous fast action
  • Easy to hit sweet spot, making the rod ideal for both experienced and beginner anglers
  • Meticulously hand crafted in the US

Sage One Fly Rod 1

The Sage ONE fly rod is designed to be accurate in all conditions, making it the perfect all-round rod. If you need to place your line accurately come rain, wind or shine, the Sage ONE is the ideal option. Sage describes the ONE rod as "game changing," and it's hard to disagree.


Konnetic Technology - At the core of the ONE is Sage's Konnetic technology. It's the most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation. Konnetic Technology utilizes proprietary resins and aerospace-grade carbon fiber and combines them Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (for increased accuracy and strength) and High Compression Molding process to produce a rod that's much lighter and more accurate than ever before.

The ONE also features a "Black Ice" shaft color with black primary thread wraps with bronze trim wraps.


Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides - For proven performane durability Sage has chosen the time-tested Fuji ceramic guides, which not only reduce drag, but last a lifetime.

Hard chromed snake guides - The long-time standard for fly rod guides, the chrome snake guides both look and perform exceptionally well.

Reel Seat

Walnut wood insert and Golden Bronze anodized aluminum reel seat - The ONE's freshwater models feature a gorgeous walnut wood insert atop their anodized aluminum dual-uplocking reel seat. It's both functional and attractive.

Golden Bronze colored anodized reel seat - Full wells models of the ONE combine their standard Super plus cork with a fully saltwater safe anodized aluminum reel seat. Naturally, it's a dual uplocking model to make sure you're reeling in fish, not fishing for your reel.

Rod Tube

Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion - Sage wants to make sure your investment is protected, and the aluminum rod tube does just that. It also comes with a matching black rod bag with logo and model tag.


The Sage Warranty - Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage reel is covered by a lifetime, original owner warranty. One of the finest warranties in the business, it covers defects in materials or workmanship as well as rods that fail due to misuse, negligence or normal wear-and-tear. Sage charges a $75 processing fee for the warranty.

More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: All water, Flats

Grip: Snubnose Half-Wells - 3-weight to 10' 6-weight

Full-Wells w/ Fighting Butt - 9' 6-weight to 12-weight

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a half-size higher line such as:

Staff Reviews


  • Silver Medal, 2014 Trident Fly Fishing 5-weight Shootout
  • Winner, Best Saltwater Rod, IFTD 2011
  • Winner, Best Freshwater Rod, IFTD 2011

Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 4-6 weeks
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Action Fast
Grip Type Single Handed
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Sage One Fly Rod Reviews

My favorite fast action of all time Review by Colt
Posted on 6/14/16
I have 3 ONE's. 10' 4 weight which is the most versatile rod I have. I do all my nymphing with it, indicator, double nymph, tightline. It is fantastic on all aspects of nymphing. Surprisingly this rod does throw dries and dry dropper rigs exceptionally well. I can even throw streamers with it and it is enjoyable. Size 4 is the largest streamer or nymph I will throw at no matter what rod I am using and this rod does a marvelous job with it

9' 5 weight is a great all around rod and does everything pretty well.

8' 6'' 4 weight is my favorite dry fly rod. It handles dry droppers well and this is my go to rod for small to medium sized streams in the southeast.

I hope to get a 9 foot 6 or 7 weight rod for streamers in the future. If they are similar to the other ONE'S I am sure they won't disappoint.
Dream Upgrade Review by Gerald
Posted on 5/13/16
After beginning fly fishing with a Redington Classic Trout rod, I just wasn't happy and decided to really upgrade my equipment. I was told that it isn't the equipment that makes the difference, it's the ability of the fisherman/caster. So, I practiced and I practiced - nearly everyday - with that Classic Trout rod. My skills improved. However, it wasn't until I splurged on my Sage One 9' 5 wt that my casting took a quantum leap. Tight loops and effortless accurate casts at 25', 40', 60' and beyond became the norm and not the exception. I've been fishing with it for more than a year now and it always performs beautifully!
Not all that great Review by Atreyu
Posted on 1/15/16
When I held this rod I was very skeptical it didn't feel sensitive at all so I went to my friend who owned one asked to fish it and I was very let down horrible at normal trout distances so I left gave it back and never will I pick up a sage rod ever again
Best All-Around Trout Rod Ever! Review by Lucas
Posted on 10/29/15
I bought the 690-4 ONE rod several years ago for my third trip down to New Zealand. In my previous trips I had learned that accuracy and good presentation are of paramount importance down there and though far from an expert I felt fairly seasoned and was ready to see what this rod would bring to the table.

It's hard to imagine that a single rod could be so capable of handling a multitude of different applications but I was truly impressed at how well it performed under every scenario that I fished it. I caught more fish on my first cast than I ever thought possible going into the trip! From short, quick shots where you almost step on the fish before you see it to lining up a feeding fish in a glassy slick at 60' or more, this rod was on point. Paired with a 6-wt. RIO Gold (the InTouch version is even better...) it was a veritable trout ninja stick! It didn't matter if I was fishing with two tungsten nymphs and an indicator, big bushy terrestrials, smaller dry flies or big meat for hungry browns, it handled everything that I rigged up with ease and performed flawlessly day-in, day-out. If you want ONE rod to do everything under the sun then look no further because this thing is a winning lottery ticket with a huge payout!
Multi Species Do It All Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
I have owned the Sage One 9’ 8 weight and fell in love with it right after the wiggle test. I use this rod primarily in the Midwest - Boundary Water lakes, larger rivers and sometimes flinging streamers on small trout streams. I’ve put it through the ringer with fat Smallies, ferocious wilderness pike, carp and steelhead. It has handled all these fish, no problem.

A lot of people on like give the Sage One 8 weight substantial grief for it’s lack of accuracy at shorter distances. On water, whether from a canoe or the shore, I have found the One to be anything but inaccurate at short distances. The action on this rod tracks straight and really lets you gently place your fly where ever you want. In the Midwest you don’t have to cast 70 feet for a fish, 30 - 50 feet is plenty and the One will put it where you want every time at any distance. Make no mistake, this has plenty of backbone for a 70 foot cast too.

Any serious fly angler needs an 8 weight in the quiver, and for my money, any conversation about an 8 weight starts and ends with the Sage One. Regardless of where you live in the country, the One will do what you need it to do. Moreover, at 3.5 ounces, you will save your arm and shoulder a lot of pain after a day of casting. You can feel the difference of the lighter One versus a typical 4 ounce competitor rod.

All things being equal, I will say the stripping guides could be a little bigger on the Sage One. If you get a bird’s nest of line running without untangling it, you will lose a fish. This has not hindered my fishing, just made me more conscious of how much slack line I have out.
Not the "broomstick" they make it out to be Review by Jeffrey
Posted on 3/16/15
Ever since I picked up a Sage rod some time ago I've been a fan. I've always preferred the slower side of things, however. I was recently in the market for a nice 4wt to do streamers/nymphing with and the Sage One came up time and time again. I knew it was fast action - I even seen a lot of people calling it a broomstick. I decided I'd try it out...

It is definitely fast action, no doubt about it. The thing that separates this from a lot of the other fast action is feel, and this rod has it in spades. It casts small dries very acceptably, to my surprise.

I would gladly buy another if I had to - its a wonderful rod.
Remarkable fly rod Review by Matt B
Posted on 11/6/13
I've owned 3 Sage fly rods over the years; a Graphite II 5wt (circa 1983 still in use today), a graphite III 8wt (circa 1990) and a 9'6" 9wt (rplx?) that I made from a blank for stripers and blues. All exceptional rods.

The Sage One 9'6" 5wt I just bought and used for the first time blew my mind. I had no idea how far rod building technology had advanced. I have NEVER cast a rod like this....unbelievably light weight and balanced. Pin point accuracy, even with 50-60 feet of line out.

Most remarkable characteristic, unlike my old, early graphite rods, is that there is no side to side wiggle throughout the casting stroke to rob energy and accuracy from your cast (just as it shows in their promotional illustrations).

If you're in the market for a new rod, cast this one. You'll likely go home with it.
Great rod for Steelhead and Big Browns Review by Bryan
Posted on 10/25/13
I used my 9' 7wt all summer for mousing big browns at night. The rod is perfect for big fish on smaller streams! Use the 9' for steelhead with no problems on the smaller streams!!!

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Sage One 390-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 3 Fast 2.4 $499.00
Sage One 390-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 486-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 8'6'' 4 Fast 2.4 $499.00
Sage One 486-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 490-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 4 Fast 2.5 $499.00
Sage One 490-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 4100-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 10' 4 Fast 3.0 $499.00
Sage One 4100-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 590-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 5 Fast 2.8 $499.00
Sage One 590-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 596-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9'6'' 5 Fast 2.9 $499.00
Sage One 596-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 5100-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 10' 5 Fast 3.1 $499.00
Sage One 5100-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 690-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 6 Fast 2.9 $499.00
Sage One 690-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 691-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 6 Fast 3.0 $499.00
Sage One 691-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 6100-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 10' 6 Fast 3.4 $499.00
Sage One 6100-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 790-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 7 Fast 3.4 $499.00
Sage One 790-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 796-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9'6'' 7 Fast 3.6 $499.00
Sage One 796-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 7100-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 7 Fast 3.8 $499.00
Sage One 7100-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 890-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 8 Fast 3.5 $499.00
Sage One 890-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 8100-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 8 Fast 3.9 $499.00
Sage One 8100-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 376-4 Fly Rod Snub-nose Half-Wells 7'6'' 3 Fast 2.3 $499.00
Sage One 376-4 Fly Rod
Sage One 1190-4 Fly Rod Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 11 Fast 4.8 $499.00
Sage One 1190-4 Fly Rod
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