Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod
Combining X-Wrap with high-end features such as a carbon fiber reel seat and custom anodized reel seat highlights, the fast-action Vapen series easily outperforms rods more than twice the price. Alignment dots make setup quick and easy, while a high quality black suede bag provides protection when in transport. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Redington's new X-Wrap construction method involves wrapping one layer of super-high density carbon ribbon inside the blank and another counter-wrapped on the exterior surface. X-Wrap construction provides surprising power with little effort. The technology is so distinct you will actually see the difference in the blank.

To create the Vapen Red's custom unique grip, Redington collaborated with renowned golf club grip company, Winn Grips. Together they developed an advanced polymer grip that won't slip when wet, feels soft in the hand and reduces fatigue. It also cleans easily, doesn't chip and helps amplify casting power.

Redington Vapen Red Rods

Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Backorderable Available
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Customer Reviews

Overall Positive, Fun Rod Review by Todd
I've been using the Vapen Red since it was first released for predominately fishing the Snake River in Jackson WY, the occasional tributary trip, and even on a few small pike in Northern Michigan. I even pulled out a 20 inch Cutthroat on Flatcreek using a 10" leader and size 18 fly.

The has been an excellent all-around rod, but in my experience isn't exactly great at everything. For me it's been an excellent fit using the 5-weight for almost every situation I come into, it was even fun chasing little brookie's in Utah's Cottonwood Canyons. If you're looking for a specialized rod for soft presentations, chucking streamers, or ripping roll-casts with double nymphs and weight, I would look at rods designed specifically for those functions, but if you're looking for a powerful, all around rod that IS comfortable to hold, check out the Vapen! Posted on 10/9/14

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Redington Vapen Red 590-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 5 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 590-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 690-4 Snub-nose Half-Wells 9' 6 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 690-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 690-4S Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 6 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 690-4S Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 790-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 7 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 790-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 890-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 8 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 890-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 990-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 9 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 990-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 1090-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 10 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 1090-4 Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red 1290-4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 12 Fast $240.00
Redington Vapen Red 1290-4 Fly Rod