Redington Tempt Fly Rod

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  • Designed for trout fishing
  • Excellent performance for an exceptional price
  • Medium action allows for technical presentations
  • Retains enough power for boat fishing and larger rivers
  • Available in both four and six piece constructions
  • Comes with alignment dots for easy setup

The Redington Tempt fly rod is backed by the company's lifetime warranty.

Redington Tempt Fly Rod


This is a rod that's designed specifically for trout fishing. Its medium action lets you handle those delicate, technical situations in small streams, while its powerful construction means it's also suitable for larger rivers and boat fishing. Considering the low price and excellent performance, Redington Tempt fly rods are suitable as both a beginner's first rod and as a backup for experienced anglers.

The series is based on the "Classic Trout" design, but includes a number of improvements to this already successful series. These include a lightweight design and smooth, medium action for soft presentations. All models of the rod are designed to be easy to cast, making them a pleasure to use all day long.

The Redington Tempt fly rod is available as a four or six piece model. While the 6 piece configuration is marginally more expensive, it's perfect for angling while travelling or backpacking. The Tempt is also an attractive rod, with a dark brown blank and matching reel seat insert.

Redington Tempt fly rods are available with 2- to 6- line weights for the four piece model. The 6 piece version can be bought as a 3- or 5-line weight rod. If you need a rod that's convenient to carry and easy to assemble then the 6 piece Redington Tempt fly rod could be the perfect option.

Other features include titanium oxide stripping guides, alignment dots and custom reel seat components. The Redington Tempt also comes with a nylon storage tube.
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Backorderable Available
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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Redington Classic Trout 276-4 Cigar 7'6'' 2 Medium 2.1 $125.00
Redington Tempt 276-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 376-4 Cigar 7'6'' 3 Medium 2.3 $125.00
Redington Tempt 376-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 386-4 Cigar 8'6'' 3 Medium 2.5 $125.00
Redington Tempt 386-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 486-4 Cigar 8'6'' 4 Medium 2.6 $125.00
Redington Tempt 486-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 490-4 Cigar 9' 4 Medium 2.9 $125.00
Redington Tempt 490-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 586-4 Cigar 8'6'' 5 Medium 2.7 $125.00
Redington Tempt 586-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 590-4 Cigar 9' 5 Medium 2.9 $125.00
Redington Tempt 590-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 690-4 Cigar 9' 6 Medium 3 $125.00
Redington Tempt 690-4 Fly Rod
Redington Classic Trout 480-4 Cigar 8' 4 Medium 2.5 $125.00
Redington Tempt 480-4 Fly Rod